The tech we lost in 2017

The tech we lost in 2017
3 Jan 18

In the tradition of celebrating those we lost in the year past we thought it would be a great idea to look at the tech that left our consciousness/support in 2017.

iPhone 5/5C

The phones that paved the way to big iPhones the 5 and the 5C were classed as vintage in 2017. iOS 11 was never destined for these devices as they Apple decided that the world was going to be a 64-bit one. Both beautiful devices.

Windows Phone

A fave of mine but to be no more. We hadn't heard much from Microsoft about the future of Windows Phone but in 2017. Windows Phone 8 is well and truly dead and Windows Phone 10 only holds on due to a handful of security updates. A great idea, badly promoted, under supported and in my mind will be missed.


There really was a cull in the last twelve months. Apple added to their end of life list with the death of the iPod Nano and Shuffle, just leaving the iPod Touch which hasn't been updated in an age and its future is in doubt going forward.

Microsoft Paint

MS Paint, a staple of Windows since 1985 was quietly killed off in 2017. It was replaced with Paint 3D as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update but for those with a feeling of nostalgia can go and grab a copy from the Windows App Store. Not sure how many will though.

The letter I

As part of iOS 11 there was a very interesting bug where if you wanted to type a capital I it was autocorrected to A[?] much to the mirth of social media. It was soon rectified in an update but its loss was felt by many.


Paul Wright


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