The 2015 Mabook

The 2015 Mabook
31 Mar 18

Do you remember when Apple made awesome laptops? If you do that stopped in 2015 with the last great Macbook Pro.

Now I’ve owned a few Mac laptops. Starting with the white plastic Macbook Pro, the was a beautiful thing. I then moved up in 2011 to my first Macbook Air. That was far and away the best laptop I have ever owned. It was the 11-inch model which was perfect for me, someone who was always on the go. I still have it actually, my wife is using it as her transition from Windows to Mac OS and as a light user it serves her well and still holds its own.

The Mac I’m writing this on is pretty new but it’s not the new generation of Macbook Pro’s with Touch Bar. It’s the 2015 Macbook Pro. I had the chance of owning the newest and fastest for work but I refused. I reject the Touch Bar, it’s a gimmick. This Mac has ports, and yes as a progressive nerd I still need these and I refuse to live the dongle life. Give me proper USB ports, dual Thunderbolt ports, an HDMI slot and for good measure an goddamn SD card reader, I hardly ever use it but it’s bloody handy when I do.

So what was Apple thinking? I thought I was alone in this way of thinking but I visited our technicians basement the other day at work and the consensus even though budgets are basically unlimited people are still opting for a nearly three old laptop. And why not? This model of mine has a 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM, Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB and an 500GB SSD. It’s plenty good.

We don’t need gimmicks. Plus it has the proper Macbook keyboard. The world has not moved on enough that we need anything more than what I’m running right now. Why f*** with that. Why take away the ports that a pro needs? And don’t even get me started about the removal of the function key row.

I hope that with my history with Mac laptops that this is not the last great laptop computer that Apple make but I fear it may well be.

What do you think? What is your fave Mac laptop? If you say the 12-inch Powerbook then we can be friends. I look forward to hearing from you.


Paul Wright


0 Robin Jackson

All I have to say is ‘each to their own’.

Personally I love the latest MacBook Pro’s and actually have two of them, one issued by my employer and one of my own.

I have no issues whatsoever with the keyboard and find it better to type on than many I have used because of the slightly larger keys.

Frankly the ‘noise’ I hear about the ports and dongles is just rubbish from my perspective.

My last MacBook Pro was a 2014 with all the ports BUT at home it was plugged into a thunderbolt dock and I never used any of them and it was a damn heavy machine.

The new machine at hone is again plugged into a thunderbolt dock, so no issue there.

I the road I have 1 dongle, that supports power to the Mac, Ethernet, vga, hdmi, standard USB ports and SD card reader.

One dongle!

Oh and the computer is not only more powerful, it is much lighter and guess what, if I am into games or graphics I can even attach an external hours card!

From my perspective, it is the best Mac portable I have ever owned and my first was a PowerBook 140!

0 Graeme Bell

Hi Mr Wright.
I am on my one and only MacBook Pro. 2011 13” and it’s a great piece of kit. Still works the same now as when I bought it. Ok I’ve maxed it out. SSD and Memory. Only had a slight glitch once last year, kept restarting but a fresh install and a backup load and back in business. I’m not a power user and use my iPad Pro more these days. It may sound silly to say that it’s a good machine and is serving the family well that I feel a kinship with it and if and when it goes, it’ll be like losing an old mate. I keep saying I would never go back to windows and I don’t think I ever will as even this MBP only gets used now and then. I do all with IOS now.

0 Peter Emery

So, we can still be friends! Love my 12-in PowerBook.
My favourite recent Mac laptop was the ex-Apple executive 2014 11-in MacBook Air, but alas, it suffered liquid damage & to upgrade my choices were either a newer 13-n Air or a non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro.

The Air, previously owned by Apple sported a 512 GB SSD, had 8 GB of RAM & the 1.7 GHz i7 processor.

I chose to replace it with a Retina Mac laptop & felt the 12-in MacBook had limited connections because of no Thunderbolt 3 ports, hence my choice of the 2017 13-in/256 GB/8 GB/2.3 GHz MacBook Pro.

T/bolt 3 accessories I bought last year for my 4k iMac work with this new device.

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