BTN Rebrands as The American Tech Network

BTN Rebrands as The American Tech Network
1 Apr 22

The British Tech Network has evolved over the years, and has grown to include people from all around the world—many of whom live in the United States. That's why we're so excited to announce the next phase in our evolution to become The American Tech Network.

For long time BTN fans, there won't be much change, aside from the new name, new logo, new website and URL, and new social media accounts. Jeff Gamet will still serve as the long-running interim host for The Big Show and The Mac Show, and Patrice Brend'amour will continue to tell everyone where to find each episode's chat.

tsoHost and iMendMacs are also continuing to sponsor the shows, bringing an international feel to ATN. tsoHost asks that we continue to show our appreciation for their support by thanking them on social media.

BTN founder Ewen Rankor commented on the network change saying, "I have no idea what those people are doing. They cut me out of the loop a long time ago."

The Big Show will continue to livestream on Thursdays at noon Mountain Time, and The Mac Show will livestream on Fridays at 9am Mountain Time.


Jeff Gamet


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