Patrice’s Holiday Gift Guide: Books

Patrice’s Holiday Gift Guide: Books
26 Nov 21

This is the first article in a multi-part series, where I recommend things to buy for the holidays.
All of the picks have been curated by me and I (usually) own & use them myself (or have in the past).

Every guide will have a theme, allowing you to decide whether you're interested in this particular category or not.

In case you have missed them, here are the other guides:

Today's theme is: Books
Who doesn't love a good book. There have been so many good books I've read or listened to this year. Whether you prefer the dead tree version or like listening to your books in audiobook form, books are a great way of expanding your horizon.

So here we go, my book related picks for 2021:

1: The Innovators - Walter Isaacson

From the author of many biographies of people like Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein. This book dives into the history of the computers and the internet and the long line of amazing people that made it all possible. It's by no means a complete history, but it's an interesting story nonetheless. Get the book

2: How to Be a Girl - Marlo Mac

How to Be a Girl - Marlo Mac is a great audio book inspired by the acclaimed podcast [How to Be a Girl](!g How to Be a Girl podcast). This beautifully narrated memoir by Marlo Mac tells the story of her three-year-old declaring she should have been born a girl, and the amazing journey it took to allow her to be her true self. Get the book

3: A Life In Parts - Bryan Cranston

When it comes to funny memoirs, this is definitely in the Top 10. Bryan Cranston takes us on from his very first role at the young age of 7, through a long line of crazy and hilarious parts he has played in his life. Both on camera and off.
Get the book

4: What happened to you - Bruce D Perry & Oprah Winfrey

Often times, people wonder "Why did I do that?" Or "What's wrong with that person?". Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey instead invite us to ask "What happened to you"?
Through deeply personal and difficult conversations about trauma, resilience, and healing the two authors provide powerful scientific and emotional insights into the patterns that we all struggle to understand.
Get the book

5: Deep Undercover - Jack Barsky

On October 8, 1978, Canadian William Dyson stepped off the plane at O'Hare International Airport. Two days later, he ceased to exist and Jack Barksy was born. Barksy was really a KGB agent on a mission to gain access to secrets in the US.
In a rare book, the former spy tells his story and how, many years later he got discovered.
Get the book


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