Did you know there are 8 (yes, EIGHT!!) different ways you can support The British Tech Network?

"What are these magical and mythical ways you can support your favourite podcasting network" we hear you ask… well let us tell you!

1. PayPal

The newest and simplest way to support us is via PayPal. If you like what we do and would like to help out you can now drop us a donation easily and we really, really appreciate it.

Donate via PayPal

2. Patreon

Possibly the simplest way to give us a regular donation.  All you do is sign up to give us any amount (above $1 approx £0.60) and Patreon does the rest.  They just take your agreed amount on a monthly basis until you decide not to give us any cash in the future.

Donate via Patreon

3. Visit our Sponsors

Visit TSOHost.com

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Visit iMendMacs

4. Tell us about you!

Advertisers want to know about our audience.  "How many Android listeners do you have?", "Where in the country are your listeners?", "what shoe size does the average British Tech Listener have?".  We can get some information from Google Analytics but not too much, by completing a short survey about you we can use that information to get more advertisers (not too much!!  Don't worry!) to allow us to do more shows, make the current shows better and generally make a better network for everybody!

The survey asks no personally identifiable questions so please don't put any personal contact details in the survey, we don't want to or need to have that information!

Take the Survey

5. Lend us your skills!

Are you a marketing guru?  Do you just love making mobile apps?  Or what about tinkering with content structures?

If you have a skill that might help the network (and you want to help the network) give us a shout at britishtechnetwork@gmail.com and let us know!

6. Leave us a review in iTunes!

Leaving reviews in iTunes really helps our shows appear in multiple views within iTunes!  Remember we read out every review (as long as there is no swearing or personal attacks) on our shows, we love getting them!

7. Like and follow us on social media!

Just follow the below links and Like, Follow or… um… what do you call it on Google Plus?  Anyway, whatever it is just do it (if you want) and share your love of British Tech with your Friends and Followers!

8. Just tell a friend!

Tell a friend, tell a workmate, tell a neighbour, tell your cousins dog walker, we don't care just tell someone about how much you like British Tech Network!

No matter how you choose to support us, we appreciate it and we are gonna continue to do our shows… because we love doing them!