It’s So Boring

It’s So Boring
12 Feb 13

One could argue that the computers, tablets and smartphones a lot of us have and use on a daily basis are quite sophisticated little machines. Their basic design has been a slow evolution of both design and and functionality, before finally arriving at their current form so very common today. The software we use on these devices is breathtakingly clever and well designed, specially if you think about what we had a mere 10 years ago. Jump back another 10 and it was stuff you saw on Star Trek.

Essentially we have some really awesome stuff… which is apparently boring to a lot of people.

So let me get this straight. Being able to bring up the answer to almost any question you might get, no matter how obscure the topic, right from a small slab of metal and glass, no bigger than that is fits in your pocket, that’s boring? Oh and the little fact that it can also do anything that a huge box on your desk could do 10 years ago would also be boring?

Having the power to record, edit and publish a fairly high quality video on the same little device, that’s boring? If I mention that that device is also a centimeter thick and has some brutally easy to use software, would that still be boring?

What has been a dream for humans over the last one hundred years, video telephony, is ridiculously common and easy to do today, no matter where you are in the world. But that’s probably boring to you too, right?

Do these people listen to themselves at all? Does their lives revolve around whining about concepts that have been around for a while and not changed six times in the last quarter? I bet they can’t stand the automobile or the aeroplane, since they haven’t changed much at all lately.

Crave for change just because you’re bored with what we have, fine. But get this; most people don’t want the changes you scream for, because what you scream for is changing the veneer on a regular basis. Most people also don’t want any given company to completely reinvent everything as we know it every four months, as much as it might hurt you to think so.

But yeah, why care about a little thing like actually using what you have when you can conjure up some bizarre vision of what might be, regardless if it’s realistically useful or not, most likely fueled by your ADD. Go chase the latest shiny, hunt for vaporware that promises more than any sane person would believe. Meanwhile, most of us will just not care about your little obsessions and boredom. We’ll just keep, you know, actually doing things, instead of whining about self-inflicted techno-boredom.



Robert Falck

Robert is a freelance tech writer from Sweden. You can follow his posts here on the British Tech Network, listen to him yap away on the British Tech iOS Show and read even more of his stuff on his site or you can even follow him on twitter @streakmachine or @streakmachine. (But you won't find him on Facebook!)


Robert Falck