Is That A New Watch?

Is That A New Watch?
25 Mar 13

So now several of the bigger names in the tech industry have openly stated that they are working on smartwatches, and have been doing so for some time. Meanwhile the Apple rumor mill has been spinning like crazy, spewing out story after story about how Apple is, indeed, working on an iWatch. In the case of the former we have some official statements from real people in the respective companies, and in the latter we have vapor from “sources familiar with the matter”.

Meanwhile I see few people make any kind of an intelligent analysis on the whole situation, and just fall back on the tried and boring “it’ll go nowhere” or “it’s the next big thing!”. Binary thinking at its finest, which is a shame since reality rarely is binary in this way.

Lots of people have been burping that the iWatch will or won’t be a success based on some specifications they have dreamt up, most likely pulled from their nether regions as is customary in these situations. How an unannounced product that we don’t know anything about can or can’t fail is nothing short of amazing, but the pundits and the know-it-alls manage to make a unicorn tangible, in some broken way.

Yes, Apple might be working on an iWatch. But it might also not be. Meanwhile there’s a lot of buzz about how other companies are running to the presses to get the word out: “We’re also making a smartwatch!”. Will it all go anywhere? Will the other companies products even be remembered in a few years time, should they actually arrive on the market? Remember what happened with all those other products that were announced during early 2010, before the iPad was official? Yeah, me neither…


Robert Falck