Free Stay-at-home games

Free Stay-at-home games
5 Apr 20

While we’re all stuck at home most of us geeks will turn to gaming. But gaming costs money, or does it? Due to the current situation a bunch of gaming companies have announced that a number of their games have gone free to help curb the boredom.

So I thought I would compile a list of the ones that I have come across for the BTN faithful and with your help (by posting your finds in the comments) we could do everyone a solid and share the wealth. 

Good Old Games

GOG being the kind peeps they are have released 27 of their games for free. Most of them more retro titles but that’s a good thing. And generally apart from a couple of titles they work cross platform.

Check out the list here


Love Command and Conquer Red Alert? Want to play it now, for free? Then OpenRA has you sorted. This open-source version of the game works on multiple platforms and gives you all the classics such as missions, skirmishes and multiplayer options. A great way to while away the hours.

Kick some ass on Open RA

Epic Games

These are time limited free releases but classics such as 'Gone Home', Drawful 2', 'Hob' and 'Crime and Punishment - Sherlock Holmes' are ready to grab for the next few days.

View the games on this page. Just scroll down the page to the 'gone free' section


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