13 Aug 20

You’ve all seen it, especially on platforms such as YouTube. Channels are constantly sponsored by a range of products from headphones you’ve never heard of to male grooming products. The alarm bells go off when they do nothing but praise the product when you fully know that they’ve done no testing whatsoever, they’ve just been told to say nice things in exchange for the cha-ching! Well that’s not how we do things here at BTN.

We are lucky to be supported by the amazing iMendmacs (which herein I’ll affectionately refer to as IMM) and just to show I’m not full of BS I actually used their services and I’m dead chuffed.

My wife had an original iPad Air which in terms of revisions is still a pretty decent tablet. Problem was she used a cheap lightning cable to charge it but it fell apart inside the port and after many unsuccessful attempts to remove the debris we shorted the connection so it wouldn’t charge anymore. So I just threw it in my pile of defunct devices and forgot about and bought her a new one.

Now there are many iPad repair places in Norwich but they tend to be those ones that do repairs, sell phone cases, knock-off AirPods and for some reason vaping paraphernalia. I didn’t really trust that. But then I got in touch with the lovely Callum at IMM and he filled me in one what could be done.

First off, all you need to do is to fill in a simple form online with details about your device and the fault it’s experiencing. You then get a call from one of their lovely techs to confirm everything and you then receive a postage label you can print out, affix it to your package and a collection is arranged.

Once they had received my iPad the chaps assessed the fault and sent me an estimate to rectify the problem. The price was sweet so I was happy to go ahead and also for an additional small fee they even gave the device a clean and service. And once the invoice was paid it was couriered back to me, I gave my daughter the now working iPad and we couldn’t be happier. Now that’s service for you!

Best of all it’s fast and hassle free and took less than a week and that was mainly because I’m shite at checking my emails.

So try out IMM or just give them a shout on the socials for supporting BTN. They are top class in my book!

Also if you’ve got an old device lying around that you think could use a new lease of life check out their services on their web site.


Paul Wright



imendmacs took my old slow 2014 mac mini and removed the HDD and replaced it with an SSD. I not joking the machine flies again…..

Defo a job worth doing

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