BTN’s Year in Tech: Part Two – Mobile

BTN’s Year in Tech: Part Two – Mobile
2 Jan 15

Earlier this year we reached out to you all for your best and worst tech experiences of 2014, and you didn’t disappoint, so thank you so much to all those of your who took the time to write to us. So here is what you thought the last 12 months in tech looked like in your eyes.

Surface Pro 3

More than a few of you mentioned Microsoft’s latest tablet/laptop offering as something that really impressed you this year. To be honest I’m also a fan on the Surface Pro 3 and although I’m not Windows 8’s biggest fan it’s a joy to use on here. Also the new form factor seems to be easier to use opposed its elongated predecessors. We also heard from Mark who said “Great laptop replacement and tablet in one. Does everything I want and more I have never been so impressed with a computer as I am with this”. On top of that he received excellent customer service from Microsoft which is also a bonus as they don’t have that many stores.


But there’s always two sides to every story with some of you exclaiming that the Surface was in the running for worst tech. Oh well.

iPhone 6/6 Plus

There’s no denying the impact of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus this year and the fact that it left us all with that nagging question, which one do I get? In the end I went for the 6 due to my girly hands and having spoken to a lot of you out there you’re really happy with your final choice. I have to admit I was getting up with the iPhone’s tiny screens and was almost ready to jump ship but the size, build and screen quality will keep me hooked for at least another year.


Moto G/E

The original Moto G had me salivating last year and after hearing from you guys you felt the same. Finally a quality Android phone for a decent price. So much so I recommended it to my Dad as his first smartphone. Well this year they raised or maybe you could say lowered the bar with the Moto E which made the entry to the Android ecosystem even more affordable. The G had a refresh with high speed mobile data and a larger screen but still keeping that fantastic build quality and accessible price. Also with the other big story of 2014 being Motorola selling out to Lenovo who knows that the future could bring.


Amazon Fire Phone

They always say end on a joke and I think after reading your comments that this honour goes to Amazon’s first toe dip and maybe last into the smartphone market. The device itself was full of gimmicks with multiple front-facing cameras and 3D-ish display and a function called ‘Firefly’ that would help you buy even more stuff from the consumer giant just by pointing it at something of interest. The main is issues were that they were still using their forked version of Android found on the Fire HD and HDX tablets and the fact that they wanted a premium smartphone price for the privilege, and even after dramatically slashing the Fire Phone’s price I’m sure that there are still quite a few occupying Amazon warehouses across the globe.



Paul Wright


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