Remembering Erik…

Remembering Erik…
18 Jan 15

Last Friday (16th Jan) I learnt of the death of Erik Lanigan.

I can't begin to tell you how empty I felt that morning, stood in a ploughed field in Berkshire. The laughing and joking with the site crew evaporated. My mouth lay open and aghast as the news sunk in that someone who I had considered to be a good friend was no longer with us and then further shock that it had been nearly a year before.

I tweeted out the news immediately. It had shaken me.

Erik was a great friend to BTN. He gave generously of his time to all the shows on the network, he was always putting us to shame with his knowledge and professionalism and making us all feel inadequate (and old) to be such a shining star within the tech podcasting community and at such a young age.

Talking to Erik, you definitely felt that you were in conversation with a peer. People often forgot that Erik was a young man in his early 20s and his demeanour was certainly not that of someone fresh out of college. His knowledge and due diligence on stories was unmatched by most of the BTN crew who regularly Rolls Royced up to a show and just started.

One of the proudest moments I have of the whole of my time providing BTN is when Erik said to me about his time with us that he 'loved coming on because he always felt he could just be himself'. A laid back Erik was still streets ahead of anything I ever had to provide to shows.

After about an hour on Friday, tweets started to come to me.

@JackieHern - "I was in the same university as Erik, he was in the same "local music" scene as my circle. I'm devastated to hear this news"

@PaulWheatley - "Incredibly sad to hear the news of @eriklanigan passing away, he was a great guy.  So very sad."

@SoliamSays - 'The one News article I could have done without this morning"

@NathanChantrell - "That's so sad. He was one of my favourite guests on the big show, often wondered if you would ever get him back on"

@PaulShadwell - "Wow! Shocked, surprised and sad."

@ChristopherW - "If you're in contact please pass on our combined condolences, we all feel the loss"

@MarkSheppard - "He was such a young, vital person. So sad."

@RichHarkness - "So sad and so odd this news has taken this long to come out. I remember thinking last year I wondered where he was"

@SarahJaneUK - "Been shocked by this news. Such a waste of a talented young man."

@Coragrace - "How Sad...what I do know is that he was a great tech reporter & podcaster"

And there were far more.

I have spoken to Erik's Father and he would love to hear your recollections, stories, anecdotes and comments regarding Erik. I would therefore offer this post up as a "Book of Condolence" and will pass this link to his Dad so that he can come and see the esteem in which Erik was held and the fond memories which he gave to us all. Please leave your comments/stories to this post.

One of my enduring memories of Erik was that EVERY time I spoke to him, he left me with a smile on my face. I missed him terribly after he stopped coming on BTN and I miss even more now I know he cant return.



Ewen Rankin


0 Mark Sheppard

As with many others, I became aware of Erik on Leo Laporte’s TWiT podcasting network. He was doing behind-the-scenes work there at first, but soon offered to do an after hours call-in tech show on that network. Leo let him try it out, but he was all on his own. He ran the control board, took calls, and hosted the entire thing by himself, in front of a camera.

This was a huge feat and he pulled it off flawlessly. Always a smile and a friendly demeanor. Even fielding tech questions of all kinds. He had a wealth of tech knowledge to share and help people with.

I can’t express the sadness I felt when I learned of Erik’s passing and then to find that it was nearly a year ago, left an even larger void within me.

I just wanted to say how much Erik mean’t to me and many others.

– Mark Sheppard

0 Mark Webb

I wondered for a while why Erik had not been on BTN and was shocked and saddened now to discover the reason. I will always remember his contributions to the BTN panels as being amusing, witty, to the point and informative.
Sadly, sadly, missed.

Erik will always be to me the true tech enthusiast – always completely (and I mean comprehensively!) up-to-date with the latest movements in a rapidly evolving and changing tech industry, and I consider it a true privilege to have been able to appear with him in the British Tech BIG shows.

My prevailing memory of him is of the impassioned, extensive – and very well considered – opinions on the stories of the moment, for which we could often offer no argument, since Erik’s research was complete and informed. We’d respond in our usual irreverent way, and he would always take it in good humour, but that was the essence of the BIG show.

He was the essence of the BIG show, and I’ll be honest it’s not been the same since he departed and left the tech journalist realm. I was always hopeful he would return. Which makes it such a true tragedy that his departure is now so permanent.

Erik, you are truly missed, and the industry – the world – is a less informed place without you.

0 Bronwyn

He was so funny, smart, hard-working. I loved watching him work. He will be sorely missed. 🙁

0 Bill Meeks

I knew Eric from TWiT, and was a consistant caller into his Late Night Tech show when he started it in the cottage. He was always really nice to me when I called. His ambition was commendable. I remember when Kirk Harnack was putting in the Axia system and Eric cut together a package on it. Snazzy, clean, and direct. It was the first sign that things were getting more “pro” at TWiT in the lead-up to the Brickhouse.

Eric was a great talent. I’ve kept an eye on his social media stuff the past couple years waiting on a return. Very sad that won’t be happening.

We’ll miss you, dude.

Paul Wright

Before I became a member of BTN I was a viewer, tuning in live each week to be part of a community of awesome people. One of those awesome people was Erik Lanigan, a star that shone so bright and so intensely. I will never forget his enthusiasm and knowledge. He was a true professional and funny as hell. He would always make me laugh when he discovered the ins and outs of the native British tongue. I really hoped that I would get to work with him one day but sadly that day will never come. Erik, we miss you and we love you and your BTN family as well as countless others all over the globe will never forget you.

0 David walker

Did not actually know erik but through his appearance on BTN shows felt as though I did. He came across as a very good person and very knowledgeable at the same time. Always upbeat and engaging it seems as though I have known him for ages. So very sad to hear he has passed away. A great loss to the world as well as the tech community. A lovely guy and this makes me very sad.

0 Paul Dixon

So sorry to hear of Erik’s passing. Like many others I first saw Erik on TWiT, but it was his appearances on BTN that I will remember the most. It was obvious he had a passion for all things tech, seemed wise beyond his years, and always came across as being a genuinely nice guy. He will be missed.

0 Theowne

In the short time I was exposed to Eric he quickly became someone that I respected – his natural talent for what was obviously a passion was remarkable. He was better at what he did than some professionals who have been doing it for 30 years.

Erik also seemed like such a genuinely honest and good person. I remember how excited he was when his name found its way into the Steve Jobs book. I tried to keep following him online and see what he was up to afterwards, but the updates stopped and I’m very sad to find out what the reason was.

0 Ken Douglas

Very sad to hear of Erik’s passing. Late Night Tech was a regular watch for me and I always enjoyed his genuine, laid-back and knowledgeable on-air persona.

As has been said, he just seemed like such a genuine nice guy. I’ve checked in regularly to his social media sites for his return and can only echo the thoughts of Bill Meeks above, that I’m incredible sad that this won’t be happening.

0 Rowan

I knew Erik through TWiT and the late night show he presented and produced with very little support and help. This just exemplified what a prodigious talent this young man had for broadcasting and entertaining.

Erik had such a beautiful personality, wonderful warm smile, and a broadcasting manner years ahead of his age. I was really saddened to see him go from TWiT. I had hoped he would have gone to bigger and better things as he had so much promise.

Please pass on my heartfelt condolences to his family, and let them know that he will be sorely missed by me.

He was a shining light and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

R.I.P Erik

0 Richard

He was very bright and extremely talented. He really was a natural on-air. He was always nice and respectfull to co-hosts and callers.

0 Richard Harkness

There is not an awful lot I can say that others haven’t already said. I remember him as being very well informed, polite and constantly bemused by the BTN gang of which he was a critical piece.I was sad when he stopped being on the show.

I certainly remember his big smile and when I think of him that’s the image that will stick with me.

0 Alice Saunders

Very sad news to learn so far after Erik’s passing. I first heard of Erik from his After Hours show on the TWiT network. Brilliant talent. It was very interesting how he fielded the blind show calls not having a call screener. That takes talent. After Erik left TWiT I wondered what happened to him. I’d read posts from him for a couple months and then nothing. If I had known about BTN and that Erik was on it I would have listened in. Erik was a great podcaster and he will be missed very muc.

0 M Barker

Me and my friends in England really admired Erik.
Because he was such a likeable, intelligent and enthusiastic young man.

And although he wasn’t on air during the last few years, we never forgot him – and hoped that one day he would return.

We will miss him.

0 Mike Scott

It was such a pleasure to watch Erik grow and develop as a broadcaster. Now, only to find that he’s been tragically taken from us.

Comfort and much love to Erik’s family.

I first watched Erik on his TWiT shows and immediately spotted how talented he was. He could multitask, seemingly effortlessly presenting shows, handling calls, fielding all kinds of questions. A great on-air personality, that huge smile! and a genuine attitude of unconceited professionalism.

I later became an occasional contributor to some of the BTN shows, and for a few of them I was a guest alongside Erik. He’d stick around for chats post-show and we swapped anecdotes and had a laugh, he had a keen sense of humour, lots of knowledge on interesting topics and was willing to discuss anything.

I quickly realised Erik had no ‘side’ – what you saw was what you got: an honest, hardworking individual who was tirelessly making a name for himself. I felt a bit inspired by that, and I was really looking forward to watching him make future waves in the tech and news industry as a talented presenter, producer and writer.

It is a huge loss to the industry and those in it that we’ve lost a relative newcomer before he had a chance to demonstrate his talent to people on a wider platform. He was a stand-out early member of the TWiT team (who did not give him the acknowledgements he deserved), an invaluable, quality contributor to BTN (and other podcasting networks) and was highly respected by all who knew him.

For me, Erik represents consistent quality, professionalism and ambition and I’ll continue to strive to match his standards in my own work. His legacy of published online works should hopefully stand forever as testament to the calibre of his work. We will never forget him!

I read this with such sadness. Erik was whipsmart, talented, and passionate about tech. My deepest condolences to his family. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to lose someone so young. Rest in peace, Erik.

This was devastating to hear. I had the chance to get to know Erik while working together on Tech News Weekly. Such a talented person. He will truly be missed by many.

My Condolences to his family.

0 Andi Vaughan

I remember quite clearly when first listening to the British Tech Network wondering who is this fast talking, razor sharp American? It didn’t take long to really look forward to hearing what Erik had to say each week. His passion and energy seemed to know no bounds and he was always ready to keep the other guests (and host) on their toes.

He was one of those chaps that you wished you could know better, preferably over a pint or two – chewing the cud about technology news and other geeky tidbits.

Erik, may your spirit and enthusiasm forever be part of the EPROM that is the Internet.

Having done so many Big shows on the network on BTN with Erik, some with him as host, I was very aware of how talented he was and it is a great waste to the tech community. I was also lucky enough to meet him and share a meal with him when visiting Petaluma while Erik was at TWiT. It was very obvious that what you saw is what you got with Erik, both in front of and behind the camera. He always had so much energy and I still do not know how he managed to both create and present that marathon show for TWiT whilst at the same time taking calls. What an amazing talent he was and will be sadly missed.

0 Neil Cochrane

I was shocked and saddened to hear Erik has passed away. He was a talented podcaster that set the standard. I always enjoyed listening to him on BTN, Twit and GFQ.

0 Chris Campion

Despite lots of excellent new panellists of the last 18 months I’ve often wondered and hoped that Erik would return from week to week. Although young in years he was rich in technical expertise, opinion and advice which exceeded his very short career.

Erik’s passing is a huge loss to BTN and all tech podcasts who were lucky enough to have him on board. Although I never had the honour to speak directly or meet im honoured to have been part of the BTN family. Huge condolences to Erik’s family.

0 Compuvision

Erik was always intelligent, entertaining and well-informed on the air. Most of us have already missed him for a long time now. I just assumed that he got a boring “regular” job, but would probably be back at some point. He really was too talented not to be.

0 Sam W Smith

I, like everyone else, was shocked to hear the news about Erik. In addition to being a great technologist, he was a natural broadcasting pro. He will be sorely missed.


Erik was on the first podcast I ever appeared on, I remember being very nervous not only because this was my first time being on a podcast but also as I had watched Erik on TWiT, I was worried i wouldn’t be able to keep up with such a talent. I needn’t have worried, not because I was able to keep up, of course I wasn’t, but because Erik made me welcome from the second i joined the show, he was such a lovely, knowledgeable, polite and talented gent. I feel honoured that i got to know Erik over a number of appearances on the Big Show. Some time after that first appearance I invited Erik on one of the other BTN shows i hosted and he did me the pleasure of accepting, I was very aware of his time and not wasting it, again I needn’t have worried, Erik was happy to stay on the call for some time after the show to just chat about Video Games with the other panelists and me.

Erik was a gentleman, a shining light in the podcasting world and is terribly missed. So very sad.

I knew Erik in two different worlds. The first was in College at Florida State University. He was in the same circle of local musicians as I, and he also volunteered at the college radio station there V89. I was delighted to find Erik was a part of TWiT years later and envious of his talent and position at TWiT, and more so when I discovered that between college and TWiT, he interned at the Colbert Report. I love and live for tech and comedy and he got to be involved directly in both in a very big way. I continued to follow Erik’s work and was happy to see him on BTN regularly. I waited, wondered, asked around the last few years about his return to this great community of brilliant, talented, and creative people. I was shocked to hear the news of his death. I’m sadden that our worlds will not collide again. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

0 Tom Merritt

I met Erik when I came on at TWiT and met with him about planning TNT which he was the original TD for. He was crazy smart and very good at processing and presenting information. He was incredibly valuable in planning meetings and as I mentioned on DTNS the other day, the reason I do headlines at all on my news show grew out of his suggestions that we needed to find a way to cover more stories. He was super passionate about tech.

I was really happy to see him blossom into a host of his own show and felt that would definitely be where his future lay. I encouraged him in it as much as I could. When he went to BTN and I got to be on shows with him as a fellow guest it was always great. He was so smart and had that rare ability to find a really good angle on a story that nobody else had thought of.

It breaks my heart as it does all of you to hear this news. The universe is poorer without Erik in it.

He left us too soon. To Erik.

0 ezdo

I never missed your shows. You were a great talent. I think you got a raw deal. I will keep you in my prayers

0 JimBednarz

I really enjoyed seeing Erik on the TWiT network. Such a big part of shaping the early Tech News Today podcast. He was a gem of talent in the short time I saw him. My condolences to his family and friends. So incredibly sad to see a life lost at such a young age. Rest in peace Erik.

0 Scott R

I only saw Erik’s Late Night Tech from TWit.TV thanks to episodes uploaded to youtube. It is a mystery that he faded away – what happened?

It is always sad when someone so young is lost – forever young. Condolences to Erik’s family.

0 HowieW

With such a sharp mind and an easy on-air presence, it is tragic to have lost Erik so soon. His net-broadcasting influence will continue, as well as a reminder that a positive personality will be remembered fondly.

0 GregP507

He was a rising star, and Leo considered him his protege. But he stopped podcasting with TWiT and most of us thought he would soon be back in other venues. I don’t he ever got over leaving TWiT. It’s terribly sad that it ended this way.

0 Rob Davison

I enjoyed Erik’s works and look forward to his Podcasts in Heaven. I’m very sorry for Erik’s family’s loss. Very sad news and in tech we lost a very young and talented legend.

0 Raj Narayan

I listened to lot of Erik’s shows on Late Night Tech on TWiT while commuting back from work. I always liked his personality and was saddened when he left TwIT network. I was never able to track him after that and this news is indeed a shocker. I pray for the family to bear the loss and RIP to Erik.

0 SM

Had such a wonderful on-air presence and was always considerate to those that he dealt with and someone that had a huge amount of respect. He will be missed so much by much of the Technology community. Erik, you were a shining light snubbed out before your time. You will be missed by so many.

I first watched Erik Lanigan on TWiT when I was 8 years old. His spirit was like no other, and I always wondered what happened to him after his sudden disappearance from TWiT. Of course his spirit lived on at GFQ, however the confirmation of his passing was a truly heartbreaking moment. My condolences go out to his family, and I hope that he’s in a better place. RIP Erik Lanigan.

I always loved having Erik on as a co-host of Tech News Weekly. He always had a good opinion on whatever it was we were discussing.

0 Steve L

I first saw Erik on the air when he was the producer for Tech News Today in the show’s early months. I remember that funny little bit they did for a while where Tom Merritt would introduce Erik as “Our [adjective] producer Erik Lanigan” using a different random adjective every single day. Although Erik didn’t play a huge on-air role on TNT beyond that, his behind-the-scenes production work was vital in those formational months of TNT.

Soon after TNT launched, I discovered Erik’s Tech TalkBack show (later Late Night Tech). What a great show this was. He really shined in this format despite not having a call screener. He handled all types of questions and comments about a vast range of tech topics with ease. He came well prepared to discuss the day’s tech topics, and you could tell he did his research. He was a natural talent in front of the camera, and he was always very warm and inviting to all of the callers and viewers.

I remember when the show went on hiatus over the summer of 2011 as it transitioned from Tech TalkBack to Late Night Tech, I was so excited to see him get back on the air, and Erik did not disappoint. The obvious highlight of the Late Night Tech era was the night of Steve Jobs’s death. Erik was on the air for something like three hours that night, giving the viewers an avenue to express their feelings in a free and open forum. It was great that Erik stayed on the air for so long to make sure that everyone had a chance to eulogize Jobs.

I was extremely sad to hear about his departure from TWiT shortly thereafter, but I still kept up with him in his other podcasting ventures (especially here on the BIG show and also on GFQ). When he suddenly disappeared from the internet altogether in 2013, I got really worried about him, but after hearing that he moved back home to Tampa, I took comfort in the hope that he had started a new life away from the podcasting field, which didn’t exactly give him a fair shake. While I assumed we’d never see him doing podcasting ever again, I truly thought that he had made a better life for himself back home.

Erik had more fans and supporters than he could ever imagine. On Wednesday night (1/14), a bunch of us in a chat room started randomly reminiscing about him and wondering what he was up to these days. We checked all of his social media…nothing. Then we got to googling him, and we discovered two official documents claiming that an Erik Lanigan from Tampa had died. Fearing the worst but hoping the best, we tried telling ourselves, “Well, maybe it’s a different Erik Lanigan from Tampa,” (as unlikely as that would be). Since our group is kind of close with Andrew Zarian (with whom Erik did some of the final podcasts of his life), we privately showed him the bad news that we discovered, and he reached out to the family the next day to check on Erik.

My heart sunk when Andrew confirmed exactly what we didn’t want to hear. He was so young, so talented, and so full of hope. It’s hard to believe that he was only a public figure for two and a half of his 27 years on this earth, but in those two and a half years, he won over the hearts of so many viewers. He’s one of the best young broadcasting talents I’ve ever seen, and he seemed like a really great guy. Going back and watching some of his shows…seeing that infectious smile…it brings me to tears. We love you and miss you so much. Rest in Peace, Erik.

0 Randall Whiteside

I first saw Erik on the TWIT network, on his show Late Night Tech, manning the board, and taking calls, without a screener, which is very difficult to do. He was such a talented, funny, earnest young man, really dedicated to tech, and making people at ease in discussing about it. Shortly, after a while, he was suddenly no longer on TWIT, and i wonder what happened to him. I remember the fun interview he had with Steve Wozniak, while Woz was waiting in line for the new IPhone. Such a professional broadcaster, and so young.I think the tech establishment gave him a bad penny, and he deserved better than that. I didn’t know about TBN until today, and i feel sad that Erik won’t be gracing us with his knowledge anymore. But his spirit lives on. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP, Erik.

0 Mark Harry

I always enjoyed Erik, being the father of 2 daughters, I’m often faced with young men that I wish were my son. Erik was definitely that young man, he had so much energy and enthusiasm. It would have been a privilege to mentor him, instead of those he chose. Erik had an honest and open personality, he wasn’t playing to the audience or reading a script like most people. Erik was an honest and good soul, he will be missed.

When I got my first iPhone, back in the day, I listened to my first ever podcast. I was struck by how passionate this one person was about the technology, about the product, about how to get the best out of it. There was an infectious passion that I couldn’t help but feed from and for the first time since I was at school, I found myself wanting to be like the person I was listening to, in the same way we want to emulate our favourite musician or actor.

That person was Erik Lanegan.

If I can demonstrate at least half of the knowledge, wit and passion that Erik did, on the shows that I appear on, then I couldn’t ask for more.

It is, however, uplifting to see such an outpouring of emotion for one of our own. Erik was a wonderful ball of energetic talent that has been, and will continue to be, sadly missed by us all.

0 Matt Stephens

Erik was a regular guest and sometimes host of the big show when I first found it and to be honest was propbably a big reason why I kept listening week after week.
He could always see things from multiple angles that hadn’t occurred to others and was so infectious with his enthusiasm for all things tech.
He was missed when he stopped coming on the show and on many occaisions I have wondered what he’s up to and hoped he’d be back on the show. Today I learn the sad news that he passed away and despite the fact that I never actually knew him and the last time I heard his voice was years ago I am still left feeling numb. Such a talent, badly missed.

0 Eduardo B

It is with great sadness that we have lost Erik. I remember with fondness Erik, he had such a smooth delivery that was void of pretense…

Authenticity. If there was a word that would describe his connection with his audience, it would be that he was authentic.

We lost him at too early, but he has left a mark in us and hopefully reminds each of us to have a bit of that honesty, strive to be the best at his/her craft. Yep, even now, he brings a smile.

RIP Erik.

0 STUart

Erik, a ‘Talented Man’ who had the ability to smile into a camera and communicate to the world that you were watching and listening to a ‘Friend’ Erik you have left us too soon! RIP

0 Malcolm

You only had to listen to Erik for a few minutes to realise he was incredibly smart, very funny and loved sharing what he knew – which was a lot!

I’m sure Erik made more impact in his short lifetime than many of us will ever do. I hope his family and friends can find some solace in this and celebrate Erik’s life, talent and memory.

I first saw Erik when he was working in the background at TWiT when it was at the Cottage. When he started as a TD on Tech News Today and Late Night Tech he made me feel like his “best friend” with his genuine delivery and wonderful charismatic projection. It was an honor to follow his career from TWiT to GFQ to BTN. Thank you Andrew Zarian for your keen observation of great talent such as Eriks. I am truly honored to have been a behind the scenes supporter of GFQ at that time.
The tears and sadness are surprising me as to how Erik’s broadcast presence could command such a loyal feeling in my heart for his work. I want to thank Erik’s family for fostering such a great son and public friend. He will truly be missed in “our family”.

0 Jason Howell

What impressed me most about Erik was his ability to roll with tech news covering all angles of the industry. He had no one angle or expertise when it came to his knowledge of tech news. He followed it all equally and was an incredible wordsmith. This was obvious when you watched him do his thing solo during Late Night Tech on TWiT. Erik had so much to juggle, and often I was working late on the nights that he had his show. As such, he was always busy producing, answering calls, and being the host so we often had no time to talk but simply nodded to each other and smiled. I would listen to him in his element as I did my own work. The dude had a passion for technology, and more than that, the ability to talk his way through it and make you, the listener, understand his viewpoint.

That’s not a talent that comes easily. Erik simply had it in his bones. So sad to hear the news, especially cause I’ve monitored his social accounts over the past few years wondering when we’d hear more from him again. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

0 Dan LoFat

As Qwertynamous on TWiT irc, I would love to have fun with him, occasionally interjecting some bit of humor (my opinion, only). I will miss that fun. I must say, Erik would rarely have a bad word to say, even if he appeared slighted, he would always use great amounts of restraint and tact in expressing his concerns – that is fact, not meant as drama.

They say that sarcasm is meanness in disguise – well, if you use sarcasm as a weapon, sure. One could use any tool as a weapon. Erik, when using sarcasm, wielded it in such a fashion as to be mesmerizing – you wouldn’t even know he did it, and yet, it didnt hurt to have heard it, once you realized he “went there”. You never felt bad for his “target”.

That said, Erik used sarcasm sparingly – because he knew the value of surprise and restraint. I think Erik used profanity once. Privately – so I am only guessing.

If Erik could come back as a ghost to haunt his detractors, he would still have fun, and use restraints.


0 Keith

Erik always seemed to be at the top of his game. I enjoyed turning on his call in show when I was up late working. I’ve never before or since seen someone with his kind of sincere enthusiasm and electricity talk about technology. I wondered what became of him when he vanished from social media some years ago and was sad to hear the news. He will be missed by the people that got the opportunity to know him if even just from afar.


0 mgs


0 Jack McClendon

Wonderful personality. Good reporter. Passionate. I felt like a knew him. I am very sad about his passing. I’ll never forget him. Love to him and his family.

0 Alex Koffman

Erik was unique, I never met him but enjoyed his work. High energy and fun to listen to. I missed him when he disappeared from social media. Condolences to his family he will be missed.

Wow, I had been looking for Eric online to see his work continue.

Very sad outcome. RIP

This was shocking news and I just went to discuss it with my wife; both of us were such huge fans of Erik’s and to put it simply we lost an amazing talent in podcasting/technology way too soon. Erik was easily one of my favorite personalities on TWiT, while he was there, and I followed him wherever I could after he left! As fans of technology and podcasting we all are mourning a little bit more today as a piece of all of us has moved on. I have no doubt that he is continuing to entertain tech enthusiasts day and night where he is right now. I miss you buddy and you were one of the good ones!

I remember him as an enthusiastic, energetic, friendly, kind, knowledgeable, proficient young man.

I sincerely appreciate those that knew him taking an opportunity to talk about him. I want to know more. Not less. So for all the podcasters and media people out there, please feel free to dedicate a larger portion of your shows to talking about him. Thank you.


So sad to hear about his passing. He was a bright shining star and just needed a good break.

My fondest memory was when he was left manning the controls the day Steve Jobs passed away and he wisely just took calls and talked about the legacy of Steve. He stood up in the center of the control for three hours and showed more insight, compassion, and articulation of his passing then I have seen or heard from elsewhere.

A star shined bright and burned out too soon.

Fond memories of a great talent,

Debra Oliver

When I found out that Erik Lanigan died, I kept crying periodically. I am a huge listener to TWiT. He was such a bright young man. I had talked to him via his shows on Tech Talkback & Late Night Tech plus email. Never met him in real life. I always wanted to meet him as well as the other TWiT staff. Erik you will be terribly miss by me. I will periodically think about your kindness & emphusiasm. Living in Virginia is quite aways from Petaluma, Calif.

0 JJ

Rest in Peace, Erik. I would tune into the shows he would host – all of which were very informative. The guy knew his stuff. He was also a talented on-air personality. I send my absolute condolences to the entire Lanigan family during this extremely grief-stricken time.

0 David D

So sad to hear about Erik’s death via BTN this week

0 Sijung

Thank you Erik for all the great insight and enthusiasm you passed on to your audience. I feel the world has lost someone very special, someone who would have gone on to impact the world in a meaningful and spiritual way. Although I have never met or talked to Erik, I almost have tears in my eyes. (I am a dude by the way) RIP.

0 Jason Rossiter

This is so very sad. I had one brief opportunity to interact with Erik, and his warmth and enthusiasm was exactly as you have all described.

May his memory be eternal.


0 Joshua Brown

I’ve only just found out about Erik’s passing away. I had wondered many a time about his whereabouts since he was last about on social media but to find out the worst had happened gave me quite a shock and I’m deeply saddened.

I first saw Erik in the test ‘Episode 0’ of Tech News Today on TWiT. Very quickly it became apparent that he was skilled in many ways. Not only was he a great producer, he was adept at making insightful comments, often providing a unique angle on a story with a noted genuine enthusiasm.

Then he began hosting his own show, Tech TalkBack, where he showed a natural ability to hold a call in show which, with his ability, became ostensibly a long conversation and debate with his audience about tech matters of the day. Despite often facing technical battles with the call service while hosting the show, he maintained his professionalism and created a thought-provoking and entertaining show. I remember staying up to what would often be quite late into the night here in the UK in order to watch.

There was a while when Tech TalkBack was off-air. When it came back on, Erik sent me a message personally thanking me for having sent some supportive messages to Leo in the interim. I’m not sure how much effect my words would truly have had but that’s the way Erik was. He was always courteous and had a warm and kind personality.

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t often follow what he did after leaving TWiT but it was plain to see that his passion and personable nature continued on.

Now having found out about his passing, I’m finding it hard to comprehend that he’s not still out there somewhere with his beaming smile and relentless enthusiasm. Erik was a wonderful young man taken at far too young an age.

0 Dennis

I was an avid listener of Erik’s show Late Night Tech on TWIT. He kept me company on many nights after work. On the day of Steve Job’s passing, Erik streamed for 4+ hours paying tribute together with any callers who will like to comment. He was a phenomenal radio personality and naturally talented. I am completely sadden by his passing. Condolences to his family.

0 Tim

Wow. I just found out about Erik’s passing today randomly. I’ve checked his online sites several times over the past couple of years wondering when he would return to broadcasting/podcasting.. I am truly saddened to hear of his passing.

He seemed like a talented kid, and really had a nack for broadcast. I used to watch his late night tech show on TWiT and enjoyed it.

My condolences to his family. 🙁

0 Benjamin

I went to high school with Erik. I remember being in study hall with him almost every year. Erik would always have the newest Apple computer. I would sit with him sometimes and he would show me cool features on the laptop and we would talk technology. Although he was shy, he was also incredibly nice and it was so cool to learn a couple years back that the shy guy from high school went on to host his own talk show.
I feel bad now that we lost touch but glad Erik was able to step out of his comfort zone and go for his dream job.

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