BTN Advent Calendar 10/12/17 Fallout 4

BTN Advent Calendar 10/12/17 Fallout 4
10 Dec 17

Now I know you're probably thinking, huh? Fallout 4? That's been out for a while now. And you would be right. This advent pick is for those of us who didn't jump onto the Fallout 4 bandwagon from day one. Well it would seem now is a good time, because as of yesterday the Xbox One and PS4 versions are going for 6 quid in CEX so I thought it was a perfect time to rude this pony.

I have not been 100% into the Fallout franchise but I 'know' about it. In the 4th incarnation you are rushed into an underground bunker where your wife is shot and your baby son stolen. You wake 200 years laters and escape your vault, in your pants. You find your trusty home robot who has been waiting for you.

You then have to go an make things good but I am yet to find out how that pans out.

A great 6 quid spend for Christmas.


Paul Wright


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