Dear Windows Phone

Dear Windows Phone
12 Jul 17

Although it is hard to admit I think we have both seen this break up on the horizon for a long time. I have been with you since windows 7.5 and the Lumia 900, been there along for the right with WP8 and WP10 on the 1020 and was with you on the latter on the Lumia 950xl. Where I discovered that bigger is better (screen that is!). However, it is time for me to move on. I am leaving your for an iPhone. Over time the little things have built up and become one big gap that you just can no longer fill.

Those little things are called apps. Over the last year or so, I see that the app support for you has been less and less. Functionality within them has been very limited compared to those on iOS and Android. Yes, I know you know about Android and me, but it proved just too flaky for me to have a lasting relationship with. A lot of the apps that I used have been removed or just not updated. To tell the truth you have not been the most popular of phone operating systems so the developers just ignored you. At least I know that UI will be more user friendly, unlike some you had AND they will be updated.

Another reason for the break up is that the majority of my other gadgets are Apple. Even though my MacBook Pro is running Windows10 as its main OS, I only do that for the CAD. Should Apple ever release a games console, there may be a high risk that I would move off the Xbox platform, but only if Destiny was to be released on it. (I am a woman, I am allowed to be fickle). There may be some that say that I am being hoodwinked and locked into a possessive, even controlling relationship with iOS, that it won’t allow me to do my own thing. I do know however the settings to allow me to make my own decisions.

Who knows, there may be a time in the future when we can be together again. However, all of those things that have caused us to part at this time would have to be remedied. But never say never, as already mentioned I am fickle and chose what is best for me at the time, so you never know.

So with a great deal of affection for you in my heart I wish you all the best for the future.



Paul Wright


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