BTN Advent Calendar 16/12/17 Google Assistant

BTN Advent Calendar 16/12/17 Google Assistant
16 Dec 17

The only problem about being in the Apple ecosystem is Siri. It really is a a pile of arse. Something that I should be able to rely on it constantly mishearing me or giving me completely pointless answers.

Thank God for Google Assistant. Now you Android lovers have been able to boast a decent personal assistant for ages for ages but in 2017 we were lucky to get it on iOs and it is my go to AI buddy.

I have it set up as a widget in the swipe from left Siri screen (ironic) and it always works. Obviously it is not as engrained as Siri but at least it does most of the things I need it to do.

Couldn't live without it, especially with the integration with the Apple Watch.


Paul Wright


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