Love Film…LoveFilm

Love Film…LoveFilm

LoveFilm comes to the iPad, Gizmodo Comes to the UK...I hope they dont stay long, BBC iPlayer is on Sale to the Aussies, Amazon Launch the Fire and the Kindle breathes again, Amazon want all your data for an improved experience? RIM ensure that Playbook will die an awfully expensive death, iPhone 4S next week with A5 and 64Gb...are you kidding me! Blu-Ray will overtake DVD player sales in 2015...Yawning, US won't get 'free' 3D Glasses anymore, Spotify REQUIRES a Facebook account, Adidas has Smart Cleats for Coaches, Samsung shows the Galaxy Tab Bike???? WTF, Tag Heuer has a 'beating' watch that costs $89,000...may never come to market

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