Thunderbolt and Tight Fist

Thunderbolt and Tight Fist

HTC Cha Cha and Salsa will be here on the 17th June, HTC Flyer is the same and will be €499, Blockbuster is up for sale if you a spare £ and can take the $1Bn of Debt, You Tube will be THE place for Live Sport if they get their way, Buffalo’s New USB 3.0 enclosure, Intel’s new Thunderbolt, The Daily on Android this Spring...Yawning, Sprint Teaser campaign lacks...a tease, Zuckerberg is Burce Wayne is The Batman, JVC ‘Full’ HD 3D Camcorder, Green Goose is about to sweep San Fran, PS Move hacked to turn the earth...sorry watch the earth turn & Finally, The Arcade Stealth Table...$3300 and you cant get your legs under it.

All this and a lot more of the technology news from the previous 24 hours as well.

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