Lara Croft at 15

Lara Croft at 15

4 UK ISPs sign up to a ‘Code of Conduct’ for Parent Education of Inappropriate Content…I cant wait! UK HP Boss Paul Hunter is ‘Relieved’ over HP U-Turn, Future of webOS is still uncertain, Google TV Going Honeycomb, YouTube invest $100m in ‘Original Content’, RIM go BOGOF ont he Playbook, Apple Engineers contact ‘battery’ complainers for more information,Siri CAN now talk to Apple Servers on ‘other’ devices but Dev won’t say how, Apple Personal Swipe and Go Stations Planned, Samsung Announce Flexible OLED Device in 2012, Google+ Photo Editing gets a huge boost…free, Ubuntu is to go on Phones and Tablets, Lara Croft is 15 this week, 4GB of Data weighs the same as a Virus.

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