O2 Launches its Wallet Service – A simple thing that makes it dead easy to part with your money. Motorla Razr Maxx is available for pre-order and will be here in May…Good Spec too. Google Launches Google Drive with up to 16TB of storage available. Samsung has a great Q1 and doubles its performance. ‘There’s no point in waiting to launch’ says Samsung UK guy…Looks like he’s right given the figures. Logitech is up pooh creek and the new MD is using his hands to paddle. Walmart allow you to go in-store to pay for your online purchases????? Apple Security is 10 years behind Windows…discuss. Another Apple Exec jumps ship to JC Penney and Ron Johnson as Dixons guy starts. PC Tools Spyware Doctor has an Annoyance Meter Slider. Google Self Driving Cars will be here in 10 years and we’ll all be using them…Yeah Right!

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