Tricorder Triharder

Tricorder Triharder

Ofcom says 4G must hit 98% of People. Apple’s Education Fest is a go for 19th Jan in NYC. iPhone 4s Launch causes riots in China. Obama Administration says its OK to shoot Police…with Cellphones. SlingPlayer is coming to Kindle Fire…oooooo! Windows Phone is about the User Experience and not the specs says Microsoft. Avatar 2 is 4 years away. Panasonic Skype Tablet Ghostly Tech. Blackberry by Porsche looks like cheap & nasty tut. Hydromechanical has the watch we all want but cant afford $45k! Coda make another expensive but nasty car. 4D Vibestar makes a vibrating cushion with speakers! Smart Cord is the simpliest of ideas and the best of CES so far. Qualcomm want a PROPER Tricorder and will part with $10m for one that works.

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