Playbook Does Email. Shocker!

Playbook Does Email. Shocker!

Sentinel Finds 60 GPS Blocks in 6 months...horror or horrors. Social Media is costing Cell Companies money..Boo Hoo. Pirate Bay ruled copyright infringers in the High Court and may be Blocked in the UK. Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 ready...WITH EMAIL & CALENDARS! Gunze's new touch table knows who you are. Office for iPad is a scam but they got Murdoch. iPad3 March 26th in Germany! iPhone 5 not until October. Huawei's Tablet $650 and 10 inches. Kisai Stencil Watch looks nasty...tells time. Rinspeed makes your Smart Car look worse but functional. The Moon has Earthquakes...I mean Moonquakes

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