Logitech’s Cube…Think Outside The Mouse

Logitech’s Cube…Think Outside The Mouse

Comet is being sued by Microsoft for ‘making recovery CDs for Customers’…but charging. TalkTalk Slapped by ASA then changes and ‘Lies’? 45,000 Facebook Passwords Stolen by Worm. Quanta Sues AMD for lousy chips. Kodak file for Chapter 11 protection. HBO Drop the Kid Gloves with Netflix now its making its own stuff. FujiFilm release a pile of Cameras. Nikon Release the D4. Digital Music Sales exceed hard media for the first time. Playbook has a new OS…Still no word on email though. 6.5 million downloads of Angry Birds on Christmas Day alone. Next Sunday…Stay in bed, there’s a Russian Satellite due ‘home’…Somewhere…Sometime. The Logitech Cube, A fresh idea on the mouse but small.

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