iPlayer is ‘Sharing the Link Love’

iPlayer is ‘Sharing the Link Love’

iPlayer is linking to all the other VoD Services...YES! Virgin Media Boasts an increase last quarter, Ministry of Sound stop Blank File Sharing Letters, Sony Launches Unlimited Music Service in the US and denies leaving iTunes, Apple and other lobby for a ‘tax holiday’, Verizon FIOS offers ESPN and perhaps support for ‘other authenticated devices’, Free Movies on PSN...IF you’re loyal...IF you don’t mind that the movie is 5-10 yrs old, GaugeFace iPhone interface for Harley Davidson, Dell Employees pick the wrong stunt, The Met in NYC goes 3D...Why? Route66 GPS offer Augmented Reality, Flaming Lips has a cellphone album that you need 12 fingers to start or 12 VERY in sync friends

All this and a lot more of the technology news from the previous 24 hours as well.

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