iPad 3 a Go-Go

iPad 3 a Go-Go

More cash for IT Teachers in Schools says Industry. HTC updates its line...not that you'd notice. ZTE, the Chinese Telecom provider offers you a phone? Samsung drops the S update and the Tab update. Nokia Push at 41mp camera but thats NOT it. Apple announce the iPad 3 event smack in Google's MWC Speech. Marvel puts out 80 Graphic Novels in iBooks. iPad 3 will cost WAY more. Snagit 2.0 arrives and we give one away on Thursday. Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 is out. African Loses its Web Traffic. Raspberry is out with more memory. FXI Cotton Candy is a computer the size of a Thumb Driver. Blackberry Playbook announces a DJ app and hardware...its like your Dad dancing at a wedding.

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