Boobs for Mattresses

Boobs for Mattresses

French company PIP get the words for 'Mattress Grade Silicon' confused with 'Medical Grade Silicon', Netflix has agreed with the BBC to sell us back BBC TV, Firefox 9 is out with Lion Gesture compatibility, Google agree to carry on supporting Firefox, HTC Phone Sales may be banned after April 19th int he USA, AT&T Pull out of the T-Mobile Bid formally and at a cost, LG Say they already have Voice Controlled TV, Apple TV Brings you Season Pass, NFL Superbowl will stream live next year, Logitech iPhone Harmony app is updated...Android too, Calm Down, Mad Dog McCree comes back us via iOS, 70% of Britons tagged on Facebook are Drunk, Santa Picks the Film Canister Toilet Roll dispenser...Classy.

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