The BTN Bash 2020

The Bash is a must, The Bash is a pilgrimage, The Bash is where you need to be. But what is it? Well, for the yet to be anointed The Bash is an annual meet up for BTN's community of loyal followers. It takes place in Birmingham over three days which include 'The Curry', 'The Bash' itself and the 'What I know Day'. Come and join us and meet with the hosts and guests of the various BTN shows as well as lots of other like-minded and friendly folk.

What is 'The Curry'?

Well as you may have guessed this involves the consumption of the finest Indian cuisine at what Ewen will tell you is the best curry in the world at 'The Kismet' Curry House (he's not wrong). This is the pre-show to the main event. Many of the BTN community meet on the day prior to The Bash itself to drink beer, eat spicy food and ready themselves for the festivities ahead. It really is a fab night out.

The Curry takes place on 24/07/2020.

What is The Bash?

The Bash is an all day event that takes place in the idilic suburb of Water Orton in Birmingham at an amazing venue. The day is filled with family fun as well as lots of other enduring challenges such as the 'world card cutting championships', loads of family friendly games and some live shows for good measure as well as loads more.

Your Bash ticket also provides you with everything you need for the day. Don't worry about food and drinks as these are all in plentiful supply (we've never run out yet) and is all covered by the ticket price so what do you have to lose?

The Bash takes place on 25/07/2020.

What is 'What do I know'?

Held on the Sunday this is a new feature to the weekends festivities. Join a gang of like minded individuals for a range of talks based on the speakers specialised subject. This is a great wind down to end a great weekend.

The 'What do I know' day takes place on 26/07/2020.

Where is it all taking place?

The curry will take place at the Kismet Curry House which can be found at 322-326 Bradford Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, B36 9AD.

The Bash will take place at The Link, 4 New Road, Water Orton, Birmingham, B46 1QU.

Where To Stay

The nearest and best value hotel to stay at is the Travelodge in Castle Bromwich.


The Curry - To book your place at the BTN Curry Night all you need to do is to place a £10 deposit from our booking page. Just turn up on the night and your £10 will be discounted from your overall bill.

The Bash - £10 will give you everything you need for the day. All food and drink is included. Don't worry about the entertainment. We will have this sorted for you in spades.

Kids aged 5-16 will be £5.


To get your tickets please visit our booking page.

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