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Welcome to the 2017 BTN Survey. It is a chance for us to find out more about our listeners and readers. We won't use your data for anything except making BTN better. You can also be in for a chance to win a copy of iMyFone D-Back which we recently reviewed just for taking part (it's not compulsory). We have one Mac and one Windows version to give away.

    Do you subscribe to BTN? YesNo

    Which shows do you listen to/watch? The Mac ShowThe BIG ShowThe Photo ShowThe News ShowThe Gamer ShowThe Pocket ShowThe House of Cards Show

    Do you watch any of the shows live? YesNoSometimes

    Which device do you consume BTN on mostly? PC/LaptopSmartphoneTabletTV/Streaming Box

    What is your preferred format? AudioVideoBoth

    What is your primary OS? WindowsMac OSiOSAndroidChromeLinux

    Which social networks do you follow BTN on?TwitterFacebookSlackGoogle PlusYouTubeNone

    Have you purchased a product from our supporters (UK2/Hoya)?UK2HoyaBoth

    Do you read the BTN Blog and Review pages?YesNo

    Is there anything else you would like covered on BTN or have any other comments?