sponors the British Tech NetworkWe are proudly sponsored by who pick up the cost of the bandwidth for all the shows and the hosting on the British Tech Network, which now is a considerable amount. They have been supporting the network for most of the time that the network has been going.


Please click the UK2 logo link on this page to let them know that we sent you, even if it is just to sign in to your account.

When you buy anything on UK2, when you get to the checkout, you can use the following offer codes:

Help us to keep the network going by using these offer codes when purchasing from by using the logo link above. If you do not, we do not get the credit for your purchase, even if you use the offer codes. By UK2 knowing that it was us that sent you, it ensures the UK2 continue to provide the hosting and bandwdith we need to keep the network going.

UK2 - Support them because they support us!


Many thanks everyone.