£6,500 for the Camera, I’ll take one of each!!

£6,500 for the Camera, I’ll take one of each!!

We get to look at not one but two new cameras that come in at £6.5k each.



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Dear Photo show ‘Teams’

I’ve stumbled over this DIY YouTuber and the over heating problems (apparently well known) of his Canon R5 when using it as a video camera.

The video (Nov.2020) explains why the excess heat occurs and explains that Canon even tried a firmware update to help, which actually offered little in the way of a solution.
The YouTuber proceeds to installs a water cooling system which eradicates the overheating shutdowns but of course is not practical. He then mods the cooling plates within the camera and also creates a 3d printed fitting attachment with a fan which totally cures the problem.

If you haven’t covered this in one of your shows, (Can only see the last three shows so I can’t check 🙁 is there an archive online?) then it might possibly be good for some points for a discussion. ie should Canon produce something knowing that it shuts down after (x) minutes. Should they now offer upgrade solutions.

All the best

Avatar STUart

Nearly forgot the LINK

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