Two Turkeys

Two Turkeys

HP Event Brings, 2 Phones, 1 TouchPad, a PC OS and Enyo Developer Tools, Boston App for Potholes, CIA Website has Social Media Integration, BBC iPlayer App is Good, iOS 4.3 on Feb 14th? Is the Apple TV a Gaming Platform? FTC Investigating In-App Purchasing, AT&T is running scared, Guitar Hero is GONE! Two Turkeys dont make an Eagle, Will Carling Lose/Finds iPad

All this and a lot more of the technology news from the previous 24 hours as well.

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Demos of the upcoming HP TouchPad underscore that Apple’s top iOS priorities should be improving notifications and app switching

0 Adela

It appears that Guitar Hero is dead. Activision has killed that division. My question…what will happen to all those heros?

Good Question Adela

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