Twisting By The Gene Pool

Twisting By The Gene Pool

Ofcom slaps Axis Telecom for ‘Slamming’ infringement. Martha Lane-Fox brings a PC and Broadband to masses at £149. Virgin complains that BT is favoured in Government Subsidies. Labour warn that they will fracture BT’s Monopoly…Virgin Lobbying perhaps? Google Offered a settlement by the EU…Mulling it over for now. The 3 Network denies it will quit the UK if it doesn’t get some 4G Spectrum Love. Google’s Larry Page still  pimping the Glass Project even though everyone says it will be crap. Scientists have created Readable Writable and Erasable DNA. Ballmer is bouyant about Windows 8 Sales and predict 500m will be using it by the end of next year. iON Release the Air Pro WiFi HD Sport Camera for $350…Loks amazing and seems to perform beautifully. Tall iPhone rumours have flames fanned by long face spy pics.

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