SmartGlass and your Flexible Friend

SmartGlass and your Flexible Friend

HP tells a court that Oracle owes it Billions for Breach of Contract. Microsoft Debuts 'Smart Glass' at E3 and also on{x} for Android? Corning releases the Flexible Paper thin 'Glass' of the Future. LG Shows the Display of the Future in the most obscure place. Nintendo gets excited about WiiU...the rest of us don't. Sony Release the Play Station Move Wheel. APPLE FACT: The Mac Pro stocks are being pulled in Apple Stores. 13-inch Macbook Pro specs are 'leaked'. Belkin Upgrades its Thunderbolt Express Dock and its price too...up $100. Toshiba Release an interesting 21:9 Ultrabook. iCade Release the Core and the Mobile...Core is vastly overpriced. Serious Artists can get excited over the Hand Glider iPad Glove. The Apple II is 35 years old...Wow...I'm Old.

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