No S%$* Sherlock

No S%$* Sherlock

OFCOM Shows how many teeth it has…in 2014. Samsung pulls its Keynote from MWC. Google is Working on GDrive…Yawn. Google is planning a wireless home entertainment system…really cos that worked before? Google will pay you $25 to watch porn. Google want the Motorola Money from iPhone…Steve Jobs cries NOOOO from beyond the grave. Privacy Group demands that FTC force Google to rollback Privacy Policy. iPad 3 launch for March? Steve Jobs was a deceptive complex character…no S&$%. iTunes Match…Music Industry rolling in it. Siri Support for everyone but not iPhone 4. Tweetbot hits the iPad…YES! Apple Streamed Sir Paul McCartney…Not really bothered. We need some financial help. G-Form ploughs and iPhone 4 off a hockey stick and it survives.

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