Louis CK’s Middle Finger

Louis CK’s Middle Finger

Facebook is told to change its privacy settings in Europe via the Irish. VAT on eBooks is slashed in Luxembourg to 3%. Microsoft is pulling out of CES. The XBOX Dashboard/Live glitch is to be fixed. GoDaddy backs SOPA, We back UK2 and Boycott GoDaddy. Firefox has a SOPA Blocker Avoider. Louis CK flips the bird at SOPA and DRM...makes a Million in the process. Steve Jobs awarded Posthumous Grammy. Boeing has a Dreamliner Designer. Tablet Ads at AdMob Alone are at 8 BILLION Clicks per month. Norman Krim, Transistor Pioneer dies at 98. Jacob Goldman PARC Pioneer dies at 90. Real Racing 2 comes to Mac App Store...use your iPhone as a wheel...WOW. Santa is upset and leaving us soon but his Crap for Christmas is The Samsung Y Phone...Y indeed.

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