Goodbye Discovery

Goodbye Discovery

Anonymous continues to hack GCHQ & The Home Office over McKinnon. Encyclopaedia Brittannica ‘Free’ App launches. Windows 8 in 3 flavours. Oakley has AR Experience to rival Google’s. Apple II is 35 years old. Apple has mini stores inside Walmart. Canon has a 30 inch 4K Screen…not sure why. JVC Does a great broadcast camera with WiFi and FTP for $5k. Apple eMate 300 is on eBay for $8500. Google Earth wants the pictures from your Ballon Flight and Kite flying. New App does bluetooth…ahhh so simple. Teller Sues over Shadow Trick…May have to talk in court. Space Shuttle Discovery moves to Washington as the world mourns a lack of human endeavour

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Avatar Tone

I watched the webcast yesterday of the Shuttle too, was surprised they had all the chatter rather than a ‘Mission Control commentary’ too like they had on the last few Shuttle Launches I watched. Very sad.

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