Give Your Valentine an Angry Bird

Give Your Valentine an Angry Bird

Dell Yawns its way through a business oriented presentation. EU Newspapers claim the Apple Subscription Model is unfair, Google wants peace with the EU over Anti-Trust on search, Google Translate hits the iTunes Store and Talks & Listens, Cheap Games are a risk to the industry says Reggie FA, PS3 Jailbreak Code retweeted by Sony! Microsoft Boardroom Shuffle, Apple granted a patent for bidding, iControlPad is real and $75, Valentines Day Angry Birds, Catholic Confession App, Firefox Beta...Do Not Track Me, ETOC ZAFER is a $20k Electric Sports car.

All this and a lot more of the technology news from the previous 24 hours as well.

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0 Julia

Oh yeeeaaahh…now Catholics can confess their sins into a new iTunes app called Confession! Good grief Charlie Brown! Thanks Bagel Tech!

0 NickySync

Nice site

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