Crap for Easter

Crap for Easter

British MPs to get iPads as a 'cost cutting' measure, O2 gives you Ice-Cream Sandwich on your Galaxy S2, Samsung confirm that The Note will run ICS Android 4.0 also. Game is in receivership with Store Closures Immediate. Google Instant Search causes Japanese Guy and Max Moseley issues. Boston Pays $170K to Cellphone Guy. Pirate Bay Links are blocked by Microsoft...Anonymous sharpens its knife. Harry Potter Books on sale at Logitech's New Business Webcam. Australia Slaps Apple for 4G Adverts. 25 Billlionth Downloader flies to Bejing on Apple. 83 Year Old Sues Apple for Walking into Glass Door. And The Easter Bunny gives us his first Crap for Easter.

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