CES – The No Price, No Date Show

CES – The No Price, No Date Show

Airbus A380 has cracked Ribs but nothing serious. The French are upset at Google but then The French are upset at Everyone. NinjaVideo.net loses their Queen to 22 months in prison. CES does Alternate OS for TV with Android and Ubuntu but No Price and No Date. Full HD Tablets are on offer but No Price and No Dates. Acer Ultrabook gets 15mm thin with No Price and No Date. Spying on your neighbours gets a whole lot more accessible with Camera Equipped RC Stuff. The Griffin Twenty makes your old knackered speakers work with Airplay...When and How Much...Who Knows? Guitar Apprentice 'teaches' Guitar...but not sure when. The LaCie hub does eSata to Thunderbolt but won't say when or how much. iCade has a pile of fittings for your iOS device from $49 and in Spring (HUSSAR!!!!) & Pigeon Palooza is out in the iTunes Store but its not very good and several fake twitter accounts issuing spams is perhaps NOT the best way to generate the right kind of interest

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