Beware Of The Playstation

Beware Of The Playstation

Sony has confirmed that hackers have got your personal data from your PSN account, Windows 8 might be around the corner but still with screen of death, Developers still not going towards Windows and Blackberry phones, Motorola might give Android users bootloaders, Nintendo 3DS sales drop off fast, Google Summer of Code has started, Netflix saying streaming is up DVD’s are down, Get ready for the FA Cup in 3D say’s Sky, The last typewriter factory in the world closes, Want to know whats going on in Facebook news? Check out the new podcast with Dane Golden called Facebook This Week at

All this and a lot more of the technology news from the previous 24 hours as well.
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0 KimCall

The last typewriter manufacturers went out of business! Don’t worry, I think touch screens are the future 😉

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