Anonymous Strikes

Anonymous Strikes

Anonymous takes retribution against the RIAA, MPAA, Justice Department and more over MegaUpload Takedown. iBooks are outed from Apple but are not ePub be careful. Educational Textbooks are $15 a piece and interactive. iTunes U gets its own application. Harrods gets its own Apple Store...Why? Google has Q4 earnings down 10%. Microsoft say Profits are Stagnating and overall they are down 6%. Kodak files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Nokia is thinking Tablets for MWC...Really! Max Payne is still up for pre-order because release date drops 2 months. Steve Jobs given a patent for 'Episodes' and proves that US Patent Law is utterly broken. iConvert is a direct scan to your iPad and is $50...want one. Vancouver Woman opens Christmas Present and gets a ClayPad instead of an iPad...isn't the first either.

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