OK, so you’re here. Thank you and welcome. Pull up a chair and see if you can help out Bagel Tech and be one of the visionaries who moved us forward.

Bagel Tech makes no money in the service it provides. I get no salary and any donations I receive are ploughed back into the shows and equipment for broadcasting. We exist because of kind listeners like you and without the support of individuals and the odd email which says you like what I’m doing, I think I would have given up a year ago.

Unfortunately that has to change and we have to grow and you can help.

‘I’ has most certainly become ‘WE’ in the last few months. On top of those people who supply their time and opinions to the Network, Sarah Gray and Kyle Swager have provided invaluable support with the Website and the production of podcasts respectively. Without them, I would still be lost in the midst of my own incompetence. One listener MAC JIM sends me 10 stories per day from the less likely sources and saves me oodles of time. Another listener checks all the links for me after an upgrade. Even small gestures make a big difference

But there lies the problem and the possibilities all in one. We need people with skills to help to move the podcast forward. If all you have is ideas...GREAT! If all you have is coding or widget making or iPhone App making...GREAT! Even if what you can offer is just a little bit of admin and email writing then GREAT! We need help of all kinds and even if your skill isn’t mentioned there then still get in touch and you can help in what ever way you want.


We need people to answer the call and the questions. If you know someone of some note or who is a tech pundit then send them the questions and get them to reply to the feature. Similarly if there is a new product and the CEO wants some extra publicity then the timing wont be a problem either. Download the Questions Here


If you have an opinion either on the stories or on us then put finger to keyboard and let us here about it. We’ll publish your letters and blog comments in articles which will generate you kudos and also links back to your own sites. Hack Away!


10 Tech Teasers is just one feature but I’m sure the creative bunch that you are can create something far better and more innovative. Give us some ideas and we’ll run with them


If you have an idea for a viral video or can make one for us then go ahead. We have to be a clean podcast for iTunes and Techpodcast Network but other than that I’m open to ideas Stingers, promos from shows etc all of these things need doing and I don’t get the time. Give it a go


Sell advertising space for us. Help us put together a rate card and promote it. Anything you can help to monetize the podcast would be great. We’ll even give you 20% commission for your efforts if there’s a return


Sarah is the Coding Queen but visually we all need some hints and tips and we’ll always take feedback on the design, functionality and feel. The site has to be tested and be user friendly as well so anything you can do will help


I’m not suggesting that I’ve hit the half of what you kind people can offer us but if you have more ideas or suggestions then please let me know at and I will certainly listen.

and Thank you so very much for stopping by.