The chat room, like the live stream uses It is available during the live broadcasts and can be accessed either through the British Tech Network Live page ( or using an IRC client.

Chat guidelines

Inappropriate chat behavior includes all forms of spam, excessive profanity (any profanity in moderated chat), and any derogatory or racial comment or activity. Depending on the severity of the violation, moderators have the discretion to either kick you from the room temporarily or ban you from chat all together.

British Tech Network Live chat

To start using the chat, go to the British Tech Network Live page and login (using a username of your choice). You will now be able to post comments in our chat room.

Basic chatroom details

For those of you that are used to IRC, the basic connection details are as follows:

Chat room commands

In the chat room on the British Tech Network Live page, in addition to messages that you type, the following commands are available to customise your environment.

Ignore: Once you have chosen a user from the list, click "Ignore" to never read other word from that person. If you made a mistake, clicking their name again will reveal an "Unignore" button.

User List: You can see all of the other chatters in the room by clicking on the blue "Users List" bar. Clicking on any username in this window will reveal buttons for interacting with that person in chat. The "Users List" shows the different types of users: All commands with usernames must be typed in all lower-case letters. The chat servers keep everything lower-case.

Separate IRC clients

If you would like to use your existing or an IRC client, here are some notes on using different IRC clients and details on how to connect so that you can join in during the live streams.

mIRC: This feature-rich client is the standard on windows. To Authenticate: Under "Connect" enter your username from the site. Choose "Servers" from the list on the left. Click "Add." Enter as the IRC Server and in the "Password" for your account. Click "Add." Click "Select." Click "Connect to server." Now you can join '#britishtechnetwork' and chat.

Colloquy: The standard for Mac users with an easy-to-use interface. To Authenticate: Create a new connection. Enter your username in the "Nickname" box. In the "Chat Server" box, type Check the "Remember this connection" box, and press the arrow next to "Details". The "Chat Server Port" box should show "6667". In the "Username" box enter your username once again. In the "Server Password" box, type in the password you use for your account. Click "Connect". To join a channel's chat, click "Join". From here you can type the name of the channel you would like to join ('britishtechnetwork').

xChat: A very straight-forward application with linux support. To Authenticate: Under "User Information", type your username into all of the boxes. Click "Add" under "Networks", and type in a name for this connection ("Britishtechnetwork" for example). Next, click "Edit". Under the "Servers for..." box click "Edit". Change "newserver/6667" to In the "Server password" enter the password your account. Click "Close" and then click "Connect". You can now join a channel by typing the name of the channel into the "Join this channel" box.

Chatzilla: A plug-in for the flexible Firefox web browser. To Authenticate: simply enter "/server username irc_password" into the bottom of the window.

Irssi: Unix based console version of an IRC client. Not suggested for new users. To Authenticate: In the command line, enter "/set user_name username" "/connect 6667 password username" when you are ready to go.

Not supported: