The Tesco HUDL Tablet & Specs

The Tesco HUDL Tablet & Specs
17 Sep 13

So the rumours were true.

Tesco has a tablet coming and its directly aimed at throwing down the gauntlet to The Amazon Kindle Fire.

The specs are below and fairly simple but the services to be outlined by Tesco will be where the competition lies. 'BlinkBox Video' will instantly be the frontline attack with 'BlinkBox Music' supporting and in a short space of time 'BlinkBox Books' will be taking the stage and THAT will be the attempt at the direct challenge to the Kindle Fire. 'ClubCardTV' will also be included as Ad Supported TV. No content details have been outed yet though.

No word on price until the Official 23rd September Launch event perhaps but The Fire is around the £129 mark and Tesco will have to best that in order cause more than a ripple. Can they break £99 or perhaps even less as a subsidised deal with their phones and tethering?

The device is a 7" Android Tablet, but Tesco appear to have been savvy and are expecting the tablet to 'keep pace with Android upgrades'. Does that mean you can get it straight from Google...who knows but the UI on the tablet is NOT heavily 'Tescoized'

Well done Tesco I say. If they've hit the right price point and the correct functionality, this could certainly be the one for many childrens stocking as well as some easy reading for Grandma & Grandpa.

The future is also about to be filled with HUDL. Most will have you believe that this is a Single name for the Tablet but its not. Tesco will be releasing multiple devices in the coming months all bearing the marque. Tesco is '...Putting a LOT of resources into this'. Enjoy

1.6ghz Quadcore Processor

Quadcore graphics, size unknown

1gb RAM

16gb Onboard Storage

Micro SD Slot




Digital Compass

Bluetooth - not specified as to type

7" IPS Screen at 720p (1280x720) at 245ppi

2mpx camera on the front side

3mpx camera on the back side

stereo speakers - (which I believe are fairly good)


Micro HDMI Output

Micro USB

Available in Blue, Purple,Red, Black

9hrs of video playback on a single charge




Ewen Rankin


I have started the Hudl User Group (HUG) especially for owners of the new Tesco hudl tablet.

You can find the forum here:

Well Done Dave. An affliction shared is an affliction doubled. ;P

Well, a dedicated forum keeps all us hudl fans out of harms way, doesn’t it?

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