The 5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

The 5 Apps I Can’t Live Without
27 Jan 15

I always love starting this conversation, mostly due to the fact that the discussion always leads me to finding even more interesting apps for my devices. We can’t deny that apps have changed our lives and things can only get better. So let’s get going.


Unfortunately my life revolves around email. For years I’ve been looking for a decent replacement for the iOS default and I’ve finally found it in CloudMagic. It’s just so simplistic and easy to use but the killer is the fact that you can link it to other apps like Evernote and most importantly for me ToDoist which means that I can add emails to my todo list which means that that I clear my inbox but know what I need to do on a day to day basis. It’s free but with some premium features which you can fork out for should you wish.


Yes ladies and gents a Microsoft app. My life spans iOS, OS X, Windows and Windows Phone and I’m always taking notes and OneNote ticks all of the boxes for me. Obviously as a Windows user OneNote is the go to notes app, I have been an Evernote user in the past but Microsoft have really stepped up the the plate with making sure that its a seamless experience across all devices.


I’m a huge gamer and when I’m not playing games I love watching people playing them and there is only one place to do this. With the Twitch app for iOS you can dip into and subscribe to live feeds whenever you want. For someone who’s job involves a lot of waiting around as things load and install this is a must for me.

FieldRunners 2

The world of the defence games is totally addictive for me. I did buy and play the first FieldRunners app but its sequel FieldRunners 2 was a revelation. If you’re not sure what it’s all about it’s basically laying down defences in the form of guns, cannons and even weapons that turn people into sheep and stopping the oncoming army from making it to their destination. I can’t tell you how many hours of my life I’ve lost to this awesome game.

Geocaching Intro

You can’t beat walking around the countryside looking for tiny boxes filled with logbooks and treats. Geocaching tells you about all of the little gems that are in your local vicinity and how to find them using GPS coordinates. It tells you how far you are away from a geocache which can be as small as a bullet or as large as a treasure chest. The app is free but there is a premium subscription but I find that the free version is actually more fun than the paid.

So how about you? What are you 5 fave apps. Please comment below. Would love to hear from you.


Paul Wright


0 Wilson

Fave apps in no particular order:

Dark Sky
Bejewelled HD

0 Serenak

Always an interesting conversation as you say Paul.

I am not a huge App user – i have a few, maybe more than some; but way less than a lot of people. I also don’t use many of the ones I have that much. But there is space on the phone so what does it matter. Even then I clear out ones I haven’t used for a while fairly regularly… a history of 8GB/16GB devices (and many many years on Macs when under 2GB was the norm.

Top 5… that’s always a bit hard. But I will take a stab at it.

OK I am going to cheat just a bit and lump a few “Social Media” apps into one choice because I use them all (then again perhaps it isn’t cheating as you may be taking some of them as “foregranted”

1) Skype, Twitter, and my RSS App Reeder… and i am pretty new to Twitter (only got into it because of podcasts) but its already an essential. I have a zillion others but rarely use them to be honest.

2) NavFree – brilliant FREE SatNav – i have tested this against my old dedicated TomTom and there was nothing to choose between them on instructions or speed. Sometimes the NavFree makes “computer sense” decisions – as in it is probably algorithmically better to take the route it says but “common sense” that computers can’t get says no. But so did the TomTom and it WILL get you there in the end. Like most SatNavs I still say use the map and common for the long distance parts and rely on the SatNav for advice and to get the fiddly bits done.

3) Hill Climb Racer – this is my go to silly minute or so filler. Drive a variety of comic style vehicles over a vast range of cartoonish terrains. Collect coins for upgrades, to unlock more vehicles and terrains. In App purchases to get more stuff quicker are available… but I have never felt the need to spend a single penny. It is a great time wasting “Morning Motion” type game with no obvious end or purpose and a dreadful “Really! I am sure I can do better than that!” hook to make you keep on playing. A fabulous pick up/put down game.

4) Instacast… the best podcast catcher/player I have found for how I listen to podcasts. only the Android Podkicker comes near it for me. I tried the Apple Podcast App and it was OK. I tried Overcast and it was ok but not perfect for me – it was from the Marco’s “if this isn’t for you – try this” suggestions I found Instacast. I looked at Stitcher (which didn’t have all the Podcasts I wanted… but does have the bonus of trying to help you “find new stuff” and I like how it now sends me news and “interesting” stuff to consider (and NO that isn’t sarcasm). But in the end Instacast is the one I now use all the time.

5) Secure Notes… a simple FREE secured by password notepad. I use it all the time. What else is there to say.

6+) Honourable mention for WeatherBug – get local weather forecasts from somewhere as close to you as possible. I get mine from RAF *REDACTED BY SECURITY* 😉 which is only a couple of miles from my house…
and is it cheating to add iOS 8 here?

That’s me


0 Dave Harding

Pocket Casts: The best podcatcher available on any platform! (available for Android, iOS and web)

Pushbullet: Simple but brilliant app that lets you push notes, links,files etc and mirror notifications across devices (apps for Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, plus plugins for all the popular browsers and community developed apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Ubuntu)

ES File Explorer: The Swiss army knife of Android apps. A file, app, task manager, a ftp, LAN/samba and cloud storage client with built in text editor, picture viewer and media player + will act as WiFi hotspot etc.

Authy: Great two factor auth app, with cloud syncing/backup (encrypted). Its a must have if you have multiple devices.With Support for most popular services and is cross platform.

JuiceSSH (Pro):The best Android SSH client i’ve used.

0 Martin Kelly

Yes Paul, always a good star, my 5 are:-
1 TomTom, you can’t beat the speed camera warnings
2 Barclays Bank, my whole financial life in a App
3 Pointless, shows me how intelligent my kids have become.
4 BBC iPlayer, the Martini of all apps
5 My MeasurePro, brill for adding notes, dimensions, references to pictures.

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