Cheers Ewen

Cheers Ewen
14 Aug 20

Many, many years ago I got into podcasts, mainly tech ones. I realised that many of them were the output of corporate engines and offered nothing apart from what their corporate partners wanted them to say. I then joined the ‘underground’, podcasts by everyday, awesome people with the only purpose of entertaining people, no lust of financial gain, just to do something they loved, the love of tech and just talking about it about like mates down the pub.

Many years ago I listened to who I consider an inspirational podcaster, David Dean and the host of the ‘I Confess I’m a Geek’ podcast, a bloke and microphone talking about the tech he’s either bought, loved, or had driven him mad! He made me think that I could do this sort of thing too. By the way He’s back on the airwaves by the way if you didn’t know so please give him a listen.

He mentioned in one show some of his fave podcasts. One being the Mac Show from what was then the Bagel Tech Network. I thought this sounds like fun and subscribed. The first show I ever listened to was coverage of the ‘Bash’ which was a gathering of fans and hosts of the shows, Now it’s grown since its early days and become what can only be said is a pilgrimage to Water Orton in Birmingham where BTN revellers and their significant others indulge in possibly the best family day you will ever experience.

At the time I listened to my virgin show 'The Bash’ (a gathering/meeting) was held in Ewen’s back garden. But it spoke to me. Just tech enthusiasts with mics talking tech. And there were some great personalities and I was captivated and became a regular listener.

It was evident very soon as I followed BTN more that Ewen was not only putting out podcasts in the traditional RSS sense but they were being broadcast live weekly. I was hooked. There was the most interesting vibe that came from the guests invited to the show. Ewen in his small room at home and the tech talk and presentation was second to none.

I listened intently and interacted in the chat room and waited with baited breath for the next show to come along. Plus I had ‘wife approval’ for my BTN obsession to allow me to tune into the Big Show on every Thursday night.

And the rest is history Bagel Tech became British Tech and I started guesting and eventually helping to host shows in Ewen’s absence. I’ve loved every second of it and wouldn’t change it for the world which is why I have made this video to say cheers to the guy with the big heart who brought us all together.

Long may he reign as master of BTN Towers. Cheers Ewen you really are a true mate!


Paul Wright


0 Martin Kelly

That is a great summery of the world of BTN, mostly laughs, bits of tech thrown in and a good night down the pub with your mates. Very happy to have found it a few years back and really enjoy taking part.
Thanks wrighty, always enjoy your stuff, hope you carry on for a good long time with your thoughts and comments. Gets us all thinking as well.

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