Buying In Bulk From A Bot

The Apple Watch Series 7 will have blood glucose monitoring?

Keep your iPhone 6 inches away from your pacemaker!

“Professional Dashboard” coming to Instagram.

Facebook users’ phone numbers are for sale on Telegram!

Configuration Change

Facebook users logged out unexpectedly over the weekend.

Windows Terminal GUI coming soon?

German scientists make paralyzed mice walk again!

Thanks Martha

Do you Know who Martha is?

So we were doing all the BIG Tech Stories from the week and Patrice finds some intriguing code in the UK Governments Website.

What Will Stick?

Improved photo descriptions for visually impaired coming to Facebook.

Chrome 88 update improves dark mode and dumps FTP.

No more LG smartphones in 2021?

Microsoft and Tom Cruise?

Microsoft teams up with Cruise.

Get ready for Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 870.

Apple has updated their support page for 2016 MacBook Pro screen repair.

Dropbox is a Clown Service

We have a heaving panel tonight with some great discussions and stories from the week’s BIG Tech Stories

Enabling Doc Mode

Ewen is back and we have a right old time of it discussing how many watches are in the watch market. Jeez!

Grand Explanations

ALL of the great Apple News of the Week from the amazing team at BTN…less Ewen

The British Amnesia Network

Jeff dives in and saves the day again but ask everyone what they talked about and they aren’t entirely sure.

Apple Took The Fun Away

Smartwatches could detect signs of COVID-19 soon?

The FAA gives okay for some drones to fly autonomously.

Edge browser beta is now optimized for M1 Macs.

Apple Silicon Mac users can’t side load iPhone apps anymore.

Microsoft’s Black Mirror

New lawsuit for Amazon e-book price fixing.

Belkin recalls portable phone charging stand.

Mustang Mach-E having some deliveries delayed.

Microsoft wants to bring dead people back as chat bots?

Protection And Peace Of Mind?

Ring adds end-to-end encryption.

Google has fixed COVID-19 tracking app loading issues.

Only at CES, a three-webcam laptop!

Philips’ has got a new smart toothbrush.

Move Aside Bob

Intel CEO Bob Swan steps down.

Spotify Kids now supports shared playlists from parents.

Better call quality coming with Dolby Voice.

webOS TV software moving up to 6.0

Pick Up My Underware and Pour My Wine

Meet the new Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Plus.

Fossil announces Gen 5 LTE smartwatch.

New SanDisk and Western Digital Portable SSDs go up to 4 Terabytes now.

Samsung is making a robot that can pour your wine.

Tell Me When

Alexa getting new command sets.

Are new AirPods Pro’s and iPhone SE’s coming in April?

You must now share data with Facebook using WhatsApp.

Your Mop Sucks!

Hyundai in discussions to build a car with Apple?

Some new Dell new monitors get dedicated Microsoft Teams button.

LG has got a new robovac that sucks and mops.

Nightmare On Hackers Street

Virtual CES 2021 is about to begin!

Samsung will show off many MicroLED TVs at CES.

Microsoft is planning to replace Outlook for Mac.

Windows 7 is still running on over 100 million PCs!!

Chargers, Non-Essential

Smaller and lighter GaN-Based chargers coming from Apple?

Apple temporarily closes all remaining UK stores.

Twitter is buying podcast app and team behind “Breaker”.

New design for Instagram Stories coming to desktops.

The Little App That Can

Apple will create two foldable iPhone prototypes.

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 event coming on January 14th.

Quibi trying sell its shows to Roku?

WhatsApp sets record for calls on New Year’s Eve.

“I must stop calling them lakes!’

This week we not only have News and Gear, but Verity Milligan, ‘Landscape of the year’ winner and judge, joins us to tell about her work.

The BIG Show Christmas Quiz

Full house for the annual look back at the years news