Losing Charge At 10,000 Feet

Meta cracks down on “The OG App” Instagram app.

Google might notify you about personal info in search by 2023?

An all-electric passenger plane completed its first test flight.

Hardware In The Fall

Highlights on everything Amazon announced at its 2022 fall hardware event.

Unity With Intel

Intel's Unison app will let PCs text, call and share files from Phones.

Sky Stream arrives next month for UK viewers.

Hertz and BP to build nation-wide EV charging in the US.

No Pants!No Takeoff In Kitty Hawk

Microsoft hosting Surface event on October 12th.

The Logitech G Cloud will arrive in October.

Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk is shutting down.

Spotify Bookworms

Amazon holding hardware event on September 28th.

Spotify getting into audiobooks.

Windows 11 adds support for Auto HDR.

No more Facebook and Twitter logins for Nintendo next month.

Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On

A major PS5 redesign coming next year?

App Store apps and in-app purchases will increase in all countries and territories that use the euro.

Apple confirms ‘allow paste?’ prompts in iOS 16 are a bug.

iPhone 14 Pro camera is shaking and rattling?

A Hack Here, A Hack There

No evidence user accounts were compromised in hack, says Uber.

Looks like no user data was compromised in LastPass hack.

Intel dropping the Celeron and Pentium names.

What’s Putting Chuck to Sleep?How To Find a Battery Restaurant?Our Predictions Were Far OutWelcome To Dynamic Island

All the highlights from Apple's 2022 "Far Out" Event

The Nitty-Gritty Data

A hacking group says it exposed TikTok’s user data!?

Atlas VPN team shows cloud servers are now the number one way for cyberattacks on businesses.

Apple Watch Pro renders have leaked.

The Qualcomm Metaverse

Update Chrome NOW!

Meta’s has got a chip deal with Qualcomm.

Here comes USB4 Version 2.0.

iPhone Event Keynote PokerSummer of fun: The worst tech products we’ve bought, now with a live studio audienceSummer of fun: The worst Apple devicesNot Snappy At Snap

Snap to lay off 20 percent of workforce.

Google Play will ban Android VPN apps from interfering with ads by November.

Crypto.com sent customer a $7.2 million refund instead of a $68!

The Phantom Police

UK police accused of uploading misleading Waze reports.

Meta shutting down Facebook Gaming app.

Instagram might let you mute specific words from suggested posts?

iPhone 14 Pro clones are already available in China.

Upgrade Your Strap

Sony announced it will produce mobile games for iPhone and Android.

Facebook now supports NFTs.

Snapchat adds 'Dual Camera' feature.

Older straps won't work with new Apple Watch Pro?

Summer of fun: The Doctor Who episode