Watch Out For Bumps!

PayPal laying off 2,000 of its staff.

Twitter just killed CoTweets.

More Windows 11 problems with updates failing.

Apple cuts trade-in values of some iPhones.

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More Of Something From Nothing

Philips will cut 13% of jobs.

More Twitter users heading for Mastodon.

Meta testing members-only VR worlds.

Here comes the Phone 2 from Nothing.

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Auto-Tune Is Still Safe

WiFi 6E availability to iPhone 15 Pro models?

Google AI can now create music from just a text description!

Ford recalls 462,000 SUVs worldwide.

It was Data Privacy Day 🙂

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Prime Malware!

Twitter got money problems?

Microsoft will lay off 10,000 employees.

Apple's larger HomePod returns!

Android TV box on Amazon came pre-installed with malware.

The Gospel Of Steve

PC shipments have largest decline on record.

Touchscreens coming to the MAC?

Google Meet gets emoji reactions!

Ass Booty FlashbackThere’s A Bot For ThatGigabit Comes Standard

Apple to make an all-in-one cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth chips?

Gigabit internet a legal requirement for new homes in England.

Windows 7 and 8 support is dead!

Controversial Start

Apple cancels fourth-generation iPhone SE.

New start menu change in Windows 11.

Google Stadia is shutting down soon.

Apple Predictions for 2023Tech Predictions for 2023New Year, New Ideas

Samsung is back with a new smart home hub.

Roku is building its own TVs?

Here comes the Philips Hue $130 app for TVs!

The Sky Has Went Dark

Samsung's new oven lets you livestream of what your cooking.

Apple battery replacement prices are going up.

Apple has shut down popular weather app Dark Sky.

The Leftover Crap

More Crap For Christmas:

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Banana Bluetooth Phone

The BIG Christmas Quiz 2022

The BIG Quiz 2022!

Pesky Passwords

Passkey support comes to Chrome.

Amazon wants the barcode dead!

Crap For Christmas: World's Smallest Hair Dryer

Poop A Tune

Twitter Blue relaunching today.

Where is the "Apple Classical App"??

Crap For Christmas: Toilet Piano Mat

This Week in Winter GearTom’s Groundhog DayPlants On Life Support

Amazon to add a "TikTok" style feed of shoppable content.

Windows 11 getting a built-in screen recording tool.

Crap For Christmas: Plant Life Support Drip Irrigation Device

Apple Karaoke Time

New revamped App Store pricing has arrived.

Apple Music now offers a karaoke mode.