The Zuckerverse

Test Android apps on Windows 11 now.

Instagram will let you create posts on the desktop.

Shop for items by category on WhatsApp now.

Is Facebook changing it’s name??

Paying For Nostalgia

Some highlights from Google’s Pixel 6 event.

Play spatial audio on your favorite headphones with Amazon Music.

Fisher-Price made a working Chatter telephone!

Timmy In The Fields

All the highlights from Apple’s October 18th Unleashed event.

The Quarter Planter

Could the next MacBook Pro models have a notch at the top of the display?

Update Stack Packages coming to Windows 11.

Get ready for the McPlant from McDonald’s.

One Big Billboard

Will AirPods be used as health devices?

Even more ads on the way for Twitter!

Google’s iOS apps will stop looking like Android apps soon.

Empty Threats?

Another Apple event coming October 18th.

Samsung announces Unpacked Part 2 event on Oct 20th.

1Password now lets users share passwords using just a link.

Microsoft is delivering updates to Windows 11 on incompatible hardware!

It’s Time!…To Update Again!

Facebook’s Audio hub is rolling out.

Instagram testing notifications for service outages.

Google TV is adding personalized profiles.

Apple has released iOS 15.0.2!

The Drama Rolls On

You’ll get five years of Android security updates for Pixel 6.

Apple files appeal to delay change in App Store payments.

Firefox is sending keystrokes to Mozilla!

The Photo Show at the Photo Show

The team are back, with reports on news, gear and our Jolly to the Photography Show at the NEC

125GB Of Data!

Twitch confirms it was hacked!

Windows 11 security features are hampering game performance.

Instagram bringing IGTV front ans center.

Telegram gains 70M new users because of Facebook outage.

Go, Go Smart Fridge

The Pixel 6 event is coming October 19th.

Firefox Focus giving you more control over privacy and tracking.

Xbox web store integrates with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Amazon working on a smart fridge?

Cal’s flying body parts

Apple News in the week we all got our iPhone 13s…or not

Humans have stripes

All the BIG Tech Stories of the week from the best panel in podcasting…Ian and Jeff

Chuck’s iPhone15

Sorry for the delay but Ewen was locked out of the site on top of being useless.

All the Apple Stories of The Week with a brilliant panel…including a new boy!

Microsoft Plastic Poop

Jeff Gamet continues to do an amazing job hosting the shows. All the BIG Tech Stories from the previous week and a bit of fun along the way.

Apologies for the delay in posting but Ewen has been locked out of the site.

Shatner In Space!

Facebook is back, after 6 hours offline.

Apple Watch Series 7 launches October 15th

Shuffle play for Netflix comes to Android.

Blue Origin is sending William Shatner to space!

Quadruple Factor Authentication

Coinbase hackers steal from 6,000 customers.

Microsoft reveals pricing details for Office 2021.

The new MacBook Pro coming this fall?

Apple ends the iPhone 8 logic board repair program.

Apple Don’t Give A Crap

Xbox One consoles can now use xCloud to play Xbox Series X games.

Windows store open to third-party app stores now.

‘Jelly Scrolling’ on iPad Mini 6 is normal says Apple.

You can now rate Apple apps on the App Store.

Still Far From Rosie

Highlights from Amazon’s event.

IMDb’s free TV service arrives in the UK.

Rolls-Royce enters the EV market!

Over 1 Billion Users

A ‘complete redesign’ is coming for iPhone 14?

Spotify app causing excessive battery drain in iOS 15.

Some Wear OS 2 older smartwatches getting YouTube Music too.

TikTok now has over 1 billion monthly users!

Restarting Windows

Microsoft rolling back KB5005101 update.

Twitter promises better quality now.

The ‘unlock with Apple Watch’ feature on iPhone 13 will be fixed soon.

Does Apple TV Plus have fewer than 20 million subscribers?