Deep Fake Audio

Facebook Pay is now Meta Pay.

Montblanc brings the first non-Samsung Wear OS 3 smartwatch.

Let your deceased grandmother speak from beyond the grave via Alexa!

Confetti and Clapping Hands

Microsoft, Epic Games and others join The Metaverse Standards

iPad no longer to be used as a home hub in iOS16.

Slack adds video and multi-person screen sharing to huddles.

FedEx will soon photograph your package!

Spraying Bags

iOS 16 might let you bypass some CAPTCHAs!

Android users can now add Google Password Manager to their home screen

Spray-on plant coating to replace plastic bags?

WWDC 2022 Part 2: M2 Macs and VenturaThe Ridiculousness of HealthcareBreaking Updates

Telegram’s Premium subscription has arrived.

Mute individual users during group calls on WhatsApp now.

New Windows 11 update is causing connection issues.

Sky Eye Aliens!

Microsoft releases new Windows 11 Build.

PayPal to let users split cost of purchases up to 24 months.

Sky Eye telescope may have found alien civilizations?

Ordering Chickens and Open ContainersTaking On Tiktok

Entry iPad will switch to USB-C this fall?

Facebook planning another major redesign.

YouTube Shorts now has over 1.5 billion monthly users.

Qualcomm won't have to pay its $1 billion EU fine....for now.

Goodbye IE

Microsoft is ending support for most versions of Internet Explorer tomorrow.

Spotify buys an AI startup, Sonantic.

Amazon’s drone delivery service coming to California soon?

WWDC 2022Going Loco, down in ……..Birmingham

We keep it local this week when the boys talk about staying local for your photography.

The Apple Bank

Apple has created a subsidiary to handle Pay Later loans.

The UK will not follow the EU demand for common USB-C charging cables.

Watch some TV on your Samsung Family Hub fridge.

USB-C Rules

European Union lawmakers agreed on new proposals to force manufacturers use USB Type-C.

Elon Musk to get Twitter data access to settle bot complaints.

Microsoft wants to kill HDDs.

WWDC 2022 Highlights

The best highlights from Apple's WWDC 2022 event.

Smooth Transition

Next MacBook Air might take awhile to ship?

Linux Mint takes over Timeshift.

Is a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on the way?

The WWDC 2022 Keynote Poker ShowMeet GrindrMegaphone’s Fault!

In-app Kindle and Music purchases through Android no longer offered from Amazon.

Surface Laptop Go 2 leaks in retail listing.

Massive podcast outage over at Spotify.

All Up In The Clouds

Cloud Cam service shutting down by December this year.

Twitter Circle rolling out to more users.

Pixel 7 prototype was for sale eBay!

Let’s Meet Up In Dongletown