Licking the Bitter Side

All the Apple News including the release of Public Betas and the leakage warning from Apple as well as why you shouldn’t lick your batteries

From Consoles to Jeff’s Tool

Nice discussions tonight about a lot of great topics including a ‘gameboy’ type Kickstarter that looks a heap of fun and try as we might we still get back to Jeff’s Tool.

Liquified Rumors

Now it seems no design change coming to iPad Mini 6?

Snap-Map will start recommending places for you to visit.

Twitter hires 4 people from Brief.

Some older Kindles will lose internet access soon.

Get Your Threads Out!

Sneek peek at Play Store’s upcoming data privacy section.

New shopping section for brands arrives on Twitter.

Discord now has Threads!

Deliver flowers via Uber.

One Big Bump!

iOS 14.7.1 bug fix update has arrived.

The next Mac Pro will use Intel’s Ice Lake Xeon W-3300 workstation chips?

Surface Duo 2 getting major camera upgrade?

Spotify ready to send you more notifications.

Upgrade At Your Own Risk

Spatial audio and lossless streaming come to Apple Music on Android.

Many 4100 users won’t be able to upgade to WEAR OS 3.

Looks like Windows 11 will ship in light mode only?

White Smoke means it’s a Pope

The Week in Apple news, brilliantly analysed by an amazing team. Somewhere anyway but in the meantime while you look for them have a listen to us.

Killed By A Typo

Is the sixth-generation iPad mini getting the A15 chip?

Netflix says gaming will be focused on mobile at first.

Automatic camera uploads available to free Dropbox users.

A typo killed some Chromebooks.

12 Gigawatts of Oomph!!!

Packed house for this one with some silly, some simple and some contentious stories to discuss

Attention To Tweetdeck

Use third-party apps on your Zoom calls.

Tweetdeck getting a big overhaul.

Looks like most Echo speakers will support the Matter smart home platform.

A new way to tip YouTube creators.

A warm puddle of Callum

Temperatures soar to Californian levels here in the UK and it only serves to bring us closer to our American cousins…but Callum is feeling the heat.

Avoiding Uncle Bob

Apple releases iOS 14.7.

Android TV gets some new features.

WhatsApp now lets you join group calls after they start.

CNN to launch CNN Plus streaming service.

The Universal Emoji

Are Netflix and Playstation teaming up?

Google redesigns its emoji for Android 12 and more.

Fakespot had its iOS app removed from Apple’s App Store.

Who’s that Girl?

We have joining us tonight a portrait specialist to help get that great Shot.

Hello Again Clippy!

Amazon adds AirPlay 2 to some Fire TV Edition TVs.

Here comes the Valve’s Steam Deck handheld PC!

Microsoft reveals first pricing for PCs in the cloud service.

Clippy is coming back.

Muller’s Hedgehog

The regular team walk you through the BIG tech stories of the week…including Mullers Hedghog

My Dog’s called AirTag

Great team of pundits review the week’s Apple News…and have a laugh with it

Feeling The Risk

Microsoft acquires cybersecurity firm RiskIQ.

Google has a new Drive desktop app.

Apple TV+ signs production deal for Russian TV shows.

Play your game before it finish downloading on Android 12.

Amazon’s Radar

Apple TV Plus to offer NFL Sunday Ticket?

Amazon wants to track your sleep habits.

Samsung launched free TV Plus streaming on the web.

Sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda just sold for almost a million dollars!

Easy Passwords

Some HomePods are dying after OS update.

Apple is planning to launch the M2 chip in 2022.

The new Office UI now available for testers.

Kaspersky Password Manager was generating very easy passwords

‘Ere you lamp…turn upside down

We talk ALL the big stories in the Tech World including some off beat topics including a 1936 classic.